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  1. Like the title says, MBE blocks downloading the following file -- AVCleaner_int -- from G DATA at https://www.gdata-software.com/downloads.
  2. Porthos suggested "Change this setting to never register. " Thanks! I will change that on all systems immediately.
  3. This is happening on multiple W-8.1 64-bit PCs, some with Office but others without. I install Windows. I run Windows Defender. I install MBAM 3. Days later (there's no pattern), I try to start Windows Defender but it tells me that it cannot start. The only solution is to deactivate MBAM, update Windows Defender and run scans, reboot, reactivate MBAM. This has happened since the first version 3 and on all versions since. The worst part is that Windows Defender never notifies me that it has stopped. The only way I know I know is when I try and start it. I also have a W-7 64-bit system with Bitdefender Free and MBAM 3 that does not appear to have this problem. Any suggestions?
  4. Thanks for the reply. I'm glad you guys fixed the update to force a download of the latest version.
  5. I just built a W-8.1 PC. On my USB flash drive of stuff, I had MBAM 3.1, which I installed. I retained Windows Defender. But then I noticed that Windows Defender was not actually running (the infamous error 577). I went round and round, deactivating, debugging, and reactivating. Then I noticed that 3.2 had been released, so I installed it. So far, so good with respect to Windows Defender. But why didn't MBAM update itself with program updates? Is 3.2 better at this? I noticed the beta option, but I don't think I want to accept that.
  6. MBAM 3.x is stated to function alongside "the free AV that comes with modern operating systems" which obviously refers to Windows Defender on 8.1/10 and MSE on 7. I'd like to hear from people who are successfully using a free third-party AV with MBAM 3.x. Don't forget to name names. https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1709
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