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  1. I now have Process Explorer and will use it. I did open task Manager once and saw that Chrome was using 49% at that moment.
  2. This is with Chrome minimized. I ran my PD8 Video editor and Usage went went up to 94% but the temps stayed stable. HD0 may have gone up 1°. I have a fan clamped to my desk and aimed at the intake fan. I keep it running 24 hours a day.
  3. So it is from my system and not some weird outside thing. A Windows _helpful_, 'let us see how you are doing', thing? Good. I have SpeedFan that I have used to check temps in the past. [I "have" it - I save helpful apps .exes in a big folder]
  4. "Are you still getting this popup?" Yes. Rarely when just looking at the net or video and lots when using my PowerDirector 8 editor and some when I use my Photoshop Elements 7 . It is tied or triggered to when I actually am pushing the CPU a bit.
  5. [Due to the years of my old PC] I have MalwareBytes 3.3.1 I had Adware, but, needed to upgrade, and, had Farbar but needed to upgrade. [Upgrade brought out the 'addition'. Where/how do I 'put a check mark here'? ] Don't forget about thie popup with with "CPU Usage", please. 8-) MalwareBytes Log One.txt MalwareBytes Log two-adware.txt MalwareBytes log 3 -FRST.txt MalwareBytes log 3 -FRST-Addition.txt
  6. I was loading a video into my PowerDirector when I had an Avast pop up "Saved you from JS:Cryptonight[Trb]". It popped up again and I rolled back to just the editor POP UP!. I closed the editor POP UP! I closed everything but Chrome Home page POP UP! POP UP! POP UP!. I closed out Chrome. No pop up. I re-opened Chrome and no pop up. I scanned with MalwareBytes and found no virus. Was this a case of the virus attempting to get into my system and was thwarted by Avast, or, is it a sign I have it and it escaped detection? The end of JS:Cryptonight [Trb] might not be Trb - old memory problems. + I have been getting small pop ups near the bottom of the page: "High CPU Usage Detected. Please click this notification so we can look at it". The first time I opened Task manager and it showed Chrome running at 43% usage which seemed high and I clicked on it. It has come back so many times [not clicking on it] I have finally wondered who "we" are. Snip image attached. Did I let something in? [Again nothing showed on a MalwareBytes scan] Dell Inspiron Win 10 64 bit Chrome Thanks,
  7. Everything worked out fine. I feel I do not need to attach the log. I rebooted to check and saw no popup. I do not see a 'solved' button to press. Thank you!
  8. A search of " Malwarebytes popup" on Google shows this is not only my problem. I updated MalwareBytes and was _forced_ to take a free trial - yes I said forced! I un-ticked the box and it loaded up anyway. The free trail has been over for a week and every time I reboot or restart I get the popup asking me if I am sure I did not want it. Usually, there is a term for a program that loads unwanted content - kind of ironic for a product which is supposed to remove unwanted contact. It even seems like this is being made harder: 'Just tick this box', was all I could find as a release from this. July 2017 and the box _is not there_. Why would you remove the only easy way to stop this annoying thing from happening? I have _everything_ on the 'Settings' page turned off. I will never click and take the professional update. Not quite annoying enough to find something else, as when I want it to work it does so perfectly. Attached is the hated popup that will never go away. Please tell me the company can figure out how to remove this annoying thing. Is there away to back date to an earlier version? [It has been a long time since I posted here. My old name is being used now. I thought it was me but my email was not recognized.]
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