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  1. 3 or 4 months ago I was using both and I was having a boatload of problems. I was told that they were not working well together so I nuked Kasp. Are they working well together? I would like to use both.
  2. Maurice....sent....I will do the other pC as well. thank you for your time.
  3. I ran the log and looked briefly at the report and my name is in there because its the name of the workgroup. I am slightly paranoid about throwing info out on the 'net. WHAT is in these reports that anyone on this forum can d/l and read?
  4. I don't see how to edit. ADWcleaner only found a few items in edge. Nothing in Firefox. Rebooted, scanned again, nothing...
  5. Hello MB is blocking outward connections to the sites in the subject line. a scan shows nothing. another computer on the network is exhibiting the same behavior. d/ling adware per another thread and running it. Working with w10 latest version and Firefox.
  6. are there any known issues with a dual install? I just reinstalled and Kasperky warned me. I installed MW 1st. (obvious...)
  7. I guess there was an update this a.m. @ 12 EST because everything was working fine, under have load, then all of a sudden....massive sys resource usage.
  8. Hey! I fixed my computer by TURNING OFF MALWAREBYTES! Last time I had to install the latest version and I could get the protection i'm paying for but I can't tell if I have the latest version (3.1.1.) because MB is 'checking' and using so much RAM that my 12GB machine with almost NOTHING running can't even deal.
  9. I have MB paid on 2 computers. 1 PC works fine. The other will not turn on the real-time protection. You can slide the buttons but it never turns on and sometimes an error pops up saying that it cannot be turned on. The only one that works is the 'Prevents Malware Infection.' Because of this a box continually pops up telling me to 'turn it on.'. How do i fix this?
  10. This is a general question. I just finished getting rid of shrt123cln by running JRT, ADW Cleaner, Sophos and Farbar. Are these firefox profiles actual problems? When I was running the above programs many of these profiles were removed. Now I have *never* created a profile manually in Firefox. If there are profiles there they are created automatically. The latest is roaming/mozilla/random #s RWDFD (or something like that)/default\prefs.js IS THIS A PROBLEM?
  11. It seems to be gone now but I am getting another firefox problem which I will post in another thread. Thanks!
  12. Here are the requested files. I did not reset firefox....I will if the logs prove useless. Addition.txt FRST.txt
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