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  1. @djacobson No. I deleted the whole folder myself and it is still saying it is installed
  2. I've been trying to uninstall and re-install Endpoint Agent since a couple of days ago in 2 laptops. So far in both I've encounter the same issue. I've tried to run the mbam-clean.exe with the "/Cloud" switch and it finishes without errors (it even asks me to reboot in order to complete the uninstall process). I proceed with the restart but then I notice the Endpoint Agent entry is still there in the list of installed apps. Even the files at "C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent" are untouched. I became desperate and tried to remove the agent manually by deleting the entry in the registry and deleting the folder from Program Files (I had to terminate the endpoint agent tray process before doing that). I then rebooted the laptop again in order to re-install the agent but the installer is saying "Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent is already installed". Is there a solution to this without having to redo the laptop from scratch? Thanks.
  3. Thank you very much @CHall I will test this today with one of the endpoints that is constantly having issues.
  4. I have that setting turned OFF on the policy and I still see 100% CPU usage on the endpoint sometimes. I hope this gets fixed soon as it renders the endpoint inoperable by the end-user. Thanks.
  5. Hello @djacobson!! I noticed "Malware Protection: Prevents malware infections" is also disabled? Is this really OK? My guess is this is the actual anti-malware / anti-virus portion of the client, isn't it? Thanks!
  6. Hi @djacobson!! Thank you so much for sharing this info. I will apply the necessary policy changes immediately and test it out. Best regards.
  7. Hello, We recently deployed Endpoint Protection in our Company. We installed the client on our Remote Desktop Servers running Windows Server 2008R2 Standard SP1. We've noticed the Endpoint Protection Service takes 15-20% CPU usage at all times and is making the servers run a bit slower than usual. We normally have somewhere from 8 to 12 users connected at the time and the RAM normally sits around 50-60% usage. These servers are built as virtual servers using Hyper-V from a Windows Server 2012 host. These are the system specs for each: 8 CPUs 16GB of RAM Is there any special setup required for these kind of deployments on remote desktop servers or any tips/recommendations for deploying the endpoint protection client on these kind of environments? Thanks!
  8. Thank you Rsullinger, I've sent your a private message with both log files from the FRST64 scan on one of the Win 7 x64 clients. Best regards.
  9. Hello Rsullinger: This or the rest of the Win7 x64 clients that have this problem do not go through any proxy (this setting is disabled in IE) I noticed I am not able to ping sirius.mwbsys.com from any of these clients. Not even from the ones that are working normally / sync'd with the cloud. Is this normal behavior? Thanks!
  10. Hi Rsullinger! The issue with the 2008 Server is resolved and it was detected by the Cloud after we applied the update and made the changes in the registry. Thank you! Here is attached the diagnostics log from one of the Windows 7 x64 clients. Let me know you thoughts please! Best regards, MBDiagnostics.zip
  11. Hi Rsulliger. Here is the diagnostic results on one of the endpoints. Thank you, MBDiagnostics.zip
  12. I've been encountering issues with a few endpoints recently. When I install the endpoint protection agent the cloud doesn't detect it. I've tried re-installing the agent, rebooting the endpoint and no luck? So I've seen this issue at one of our Windows Server 2008 (32bit) servers and a couple of Windows 7 pro x64 clients on our shop-floor. I can provided more detailed info as needed. Thank you.
  13. Hello guys, Is there way to deploy MBARW remotely using either MSIEXEC or other command prompt based tool? Thanks,
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