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  1. it's seems to be fine, it's probably some weird website that trigger the detection (link protection website). I should avoid it from now on.
  2. He doesn't detect anything new since i delete those 3 thing.
  3. Hi, 2 day ago i wanted to install Malwarebyte for a little checkup and (he find some thing, 2 trainer and a file for cheat engine which i put in quarantine and delete. The cheat engine was weird) So i didn't uninstall (because of free trial) and now he block some website (trojan ? load.jsecoin.com ) when navigating normally... Maybe some one check a eye on it 😛 Addition.txt FRST.txt MB.txt trojan.txt
  4. Hi there, since last time (and actually today) i got a bsod for the first time and well i don't know why, i post the dump if you can watch on it. I also get yesterday acces to the next windows update (1803 if i'm correct), i will do it after i'm done with some printing stuff that i have a lot to do ><". 051918-29375-01.zip
  5. well bad luck is always on me, still happening... I'm going to wait for the redstone update (10 avril they start to launch it apparently) and do another try, and juste before verify with not doing any update for a week to see if it's the update or not. So news soon :3
  6. Well after another clean install (lol) all the thing is updated without error (unless kb2237602, for windows defender buti don't see it anymore now). So we will see if my problem came back after all of this ><'
  7. additional info: KB3172729 got a error on windows update ps: (editing is kinda weird here, sometime here sometime not ><") Seems my problem is windows ><"
  8. so i did this troubleshoot tool from https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/10164/fix-windows-update-errors here is the report from the the tool (#pdf) As he say it's fixed, i go start windows update (and doesn't work...) l.pdf
  9. Well, a clean install does not include fall creator update (1709) and by doing this with windows update i got that
  10. hi, when i try to use the windows media creation tool to make a usb installer (or iso) i always get a error: From what i read, they say it's maybe a languages error, i change it back to the original languages of my install of windows and no changes And i read also that this https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 work only for x32bit and not x64. I will find another way to create it ><"
  11. ps: just done the scan for d: Ironically it pass too ><" (seems it's really the plateau that is a bit unclench)
  12. - No report of any sign of wirus/malware from Windows Defender - Seatools for windows - c: pass For my windows i was using the installation that i get from where i got my key (a friend student gave me the key from the shop of his school (lucky me, there was only one key left, and the install is English only) So yeah, it's really outdated. And if the Media Creation Tool include at least the Fall creator (and previous major build) i should give it a try I don't remember the 1st time i did for the fall creator update but the 2nd time i got a error but after relaunch the update it pas
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