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  1. Okay after i saw some forum posts and pinned post ( I apologize for not reading it before posting) , I downloaded Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and ran it the logs are attached. Just a note : after i woke up when i opened the laptop i couldn't find much of the services in task bar like explorer.exe or others just unnamed service with high usage and a russian website is opened on startup it's called furyery .ru Addition.txt FRST.txt
  2. Hello Malwarebytes folks, I unfortunately have downloaded some russian software and it installed ALOT of things on my computer one of them being explorer.exe high cpu usage What i have noticed till now : explorer and many services cpu usage after i installed the thing also some unnamed services in task manger when i click open location it direct me to explorer.exe. Fake Chromium install in roaming local folders in C drive with alot of python files etc.. Many folders and files are created in roaming and temp folders randomly named and have cpu usage in task manger. (Tried deleting the files but something generates them even if offline. Some of the text on explorer ribbon and tabs is missing. I can follow any procedure provided while being offline on the infected laptop and download anything from android/linux device and copy it to the infected laptop via usb.
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