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  1. Definitely a hero! You saved me so much grief. Not sure you saw my other question... Do you recommend any of those password programs that can save all your pws safely for you?
  2. Okay, great. Thanks again for all you do!!! You volunteers are real heroes! Oh, one other thing. Do you recommend any of those password programs that can save all your pws safely for you?
  3. I have both Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essentials installed, and both have Realtime Protection on. Should I use only one program, and/or if both, should I turn off realtime protection on one? If the latter, which would you recommend I leave on? Thanks for everything, you saved the day!
  4. Excellent news! Okay, uninstalled & reinstalled Chrome per your instructions. Btw, because of the infections, should I reset all my passwords to any place I might have signed in while infected?
  5. What's next? Should we do another FRST to see if we get a clean bill of health?
  6. The AdwCleaner didn't find anything, so it didn't ask to restart. Downloaded and ran the MSRT and am attaching the MBytes, AdwCleaner and MSRT logs. Everything seems to be running a lot faster and better now, and MBytes is starting after reboot, not getting that "can't find service" error. MB-scan.txt mrt.log AdwCleaner[S6].txt
  7. Just so you know, a couple things happen differently than you describe. I don't know if it's a symptom or not, so I thought it best to report it. For one, when I run the MB-clean utility, it never goes to a cmd screen as you describe. Also, after the reboot, it pops up with a window asking, "Would ou like to download Malwarebytes v3.x and install it to the default folder?" Since you specify to download MB from the link, I clicked No and used the downloaded file. Also, one thing about this time that's different, is the Real-Time Protection is on... before, it would not stay on. So, that se
  8. Ran adwcleaner, it found nothing, log attached. Btw, as before, when I reboot after running Mbytes, it is unable to start again, saying "Unable to connect the Service." AdwCleaner[S5].txt
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