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  1. The file is being heavily blocked so it seems like a good indication to pass on this one. Thanks.
  2. Now I got an actual block from Chrome on the download. Will look for an alternative in the mean time...
  3. Will you post back the outcome?
  4. Browser gaurd flagging MSI Kombustor download. F/P or positive? https://geeks3d.com/dl/show/638
  5. Getting a browser guard block @ https://www.novirusthanks.org/products/syshardener/ Portable download...
  6. Working on reboot. 🙂
  7. I'm also trying to download the Express VPN (as of today) and am still getting the browser guard...
  8. Thanks. Will try again soon. Working.
  9. Thanks. Will try again soon.
  10. Could somebody check whether Power Panel is a false positive? https://www.cyberpowersystems.com/product/software/power-panel-business-edition/powerpanel-business-edition-windows/#
  11. Browser Guard only in Chrome, currently don't have MB Windows installed.
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