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  1. Many thanks to everyone for your replies. She ran Malawarebytes and found 98 programs identified -- jeez... . I ran it on my machine and it identified 4, though they were all related to one of those weather service add-ons I thought I zapped years ago. I'll send her a summary of all of your suggestions. Thanks again! George
  2. Hi: My Aunt has written me saying she's getting a bunch of annoying pop-ups. After getting more information, I find she has (at least) Winspy Killer and Virus Heat. I sent her the Malwarebytes freeware to run. A few questions: What are best practices to follow to keep this stuff off your computer. I suspect that her husband visits game sites (the computer's also cluttered with various game links & programs)? I'm sure she uses an older version of IE. Would Firefox be better? Since this has happened several times, should I get her the paid version to install to keep this from happening in the future, rather than her remembering to run it occasionally? I've never gotten malicious software, so not sure what I've done to prevent it. Do you have to actively click on those pop ups to get them to download? Or do some malicious game sites attach them to otherwise innocuous-seeming parts of the game. I just loaded Firefox 3 beta 5, and its now got a warning for known malicious web sites. Assume that would help??? Many thanks for suggestions. George
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