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  1. I own an IT consulting company and am (was) interested in deploying your products at my client sites. The basic problem is that your company appears to be wholly incapable of articulating in simple terms what exactly each product is and does and what comes in each product offering or SKU. Your website is an absolutely schizophrenic mess of overly-wordy-graphics-laden-scrolling pages full of circular links, platitudes and bullet points that do little to explain or differentiate what the actual product offerings are. To that end, I read a few threads here where your staff even struggles to clearly articulate the differences. Given the hideously inadequate information on the website and the fact that most of the business product pages refer prospective buyers to "Contact Us"... that is what I have attempted to do. So as it is, for the better part of 2 months, I have attempted to contact your business sales team. I have made, literally dozens of phone calls to the published 800 number, only to be greeted by an IVR system that tells me my time is valuable and that I should leave a message. I have left numerous messages and never received a return call. I have filled out the trial request and business contact request forms on several occasion and never heard a peep. I have also attempted to sign up as a reseller but have never heard back from you team. Given the fact that your website is as bad as it is and your company is not equipped to respond to sales inquires by telephone or webform, leaving me no choice but to create an account and attempt contact on a public forum; I have to conclude that you are not really a viable or reliable business partner, and instead a company run and staffed by incompetent clowns who have no business being in business, let alone working with businesses. It is a shame because your home desktop product worked fairly well for what it was. I think you folks need to pull your heads out of your asses and learn how to run a business.
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