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  1. Thanks. Seriously, I don't think I need a 7 day trial, when I think about it, for something I know will be good to have from Malwarebytes. (Joking) I derived no income by posting the above comment. LOL.
  2. I will just purchase MB Privacy at some stage.
  3. Ok, reset and tried again. it says, "Looks like you’ve already taken advantage of this trial offer. Please contact support."
  4. I thought maybe it was on a menu in my Premium Malawarebytes.Couldn't see anything there either. Have run MB Privacy setup twice now.
  5. I can't see a separate icon for Malwarebytes Privacy trial on my desktop PC.
  6. I hjave installed a 7 day trial of malwarebytes privacy. How do I access this trial once installed?
  7. I have a solution to the problems I experienced trying to activate MBAM. The Microsoft technical person said it is most likely Windows 7 that has been corrupted on my PC and thus the error msgs (as above). He said that the solution was to install a new copy of Windows 7, a clean copy and THEN try to activate MBAM (Premium). I came up with another solution. I had been unable to successfully install Windows Updates automatically, no matter when I tried it. Then, I hit on the idea of choosing to install ONE update at a time manually. I did this several times over the past week as n
  8. The problem is a corrupted version of Windows 7. It is NOT an MBAM issue apparently. I need a new copy of Windows 7. I haven't done that yet and I miss my MBAM Premium.
  9. My ISP technical support (Telstra Platinum) says the issue is with Windows 7 and I will need to talk to Microsoft about this. See link below for a description of the problem with Windows.... https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/237304/fix-regopenkeyex-may-fail-with-status-1450
  10. Previous product has been uninstalled. Chameleon spat the dummy with the same error message. I believe it is something in the Install process. Using Regedit appears to be the only way I know of to fix this issue. I have to wait till Wed next week for my ISP Support to have a go, I'm not gunna play with Regedit. I have the details on how it's done but don't feel confident enough to try it w/o damaging my Registry. (Previous post "Problem with Upgrade to Premium", 29th June, 2017) New Member Members
  11. Same as last time, gets to the end of the Install and I get the following error message: HKEY_Classes_Root/malwarebytes RegCreateKeyEx failed; code 1450. What is wrong with the install, please. I had Firefox close. It should install the Free version so I can put in my license key.
  12. Tried to re-install MB3 again. Success. All protection suites are active. No idea how it resolved itself except that I may have had another piece of software open while attempting to install previously (I certainly did while following the instructions above). This time I closed everything first. Maybe that was the problem?
  13. Followed these directions till 3. I had to manually start Setup. Failed with "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.....(etc) RegCreateKeyEx failed; code 1450. Aborting rolled back the Setup. I had this happen when I first subscribed. The Technical Support for my Internet Provider here in Australia adjusted a value using RegEdit and it resolved the issue at the time. See previous issue I posted.
  14. On start up today, MB tells me Web Protection is OFF. I went to settings and turned it ON. It has been at "Starting...." for quite some time. Rebooted computer. Still "Starting....". Then I accidentally turned Ransomeware Protection OFF and it too is now in the "Starting...." mode via me turning it on in Settings. I have run a Threat scan several times and it comes back with Zero threats. Any suggestions? ps. I have one Trojan (Password) currently in Quarantine. MB found it 7/7/17.
  15. Thanks. Just turned on my computer and noticed there was no warning on the task bar MB icon. Opened MB and it's now set to ON. Fixed itself somehow. I tried turning Malware Protection OFF then ON again and it simply turned it on. So no problem now.
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