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  1. mark it closed - figured out the problem. completely forgot i posted this as well.. black desert foundry was the site - i'm not sure if its an ad they show, or the site is just garbage. but once i stopped using that website, no more redirects. in the months to come, i've seen some people saying how the site is not to be used, because of this reason.
  2. 3 days ago, i googled how to do something, i forget what it was, but i found a link, and clicked it. It redirected me to a plain ip site, that then constantly redirected me. causing chrome to freeze, i could do anything else on my comp, just not use chrome. I managed to close it, and when i oped and went to history, it showed like 2 thousand different addresses, when it was only open for probably 3-4 mins cuz closing it took a while i thought it was a bad link, but scanned with malwarebytes anyways, it found nothing. About an hour ago, i was googling a leveling guide for black desert online, and found one. it was top, and a website i've been on before, and it redirected me again to a website, that did the same thing, few screenshots of the history is attached. the website that redirected me, i went back to and could go to it, so i don't think the website is compromised. again, malware bytes found nothing, RKill found nothing, there are no chrome extensions i didn't add, the only things i've installed recently are games from the steam summer sale. i googled each time, and all i found is the old popup scam. i could find nothing about this online. as far as i can tell, its not doing anything bad, its just annoying. if it happens again, ill try and get some screenshots of the webpage - first one was something about windows defender found the zeus virus, it can do this, call this number to get it removed, the 2nd one was just a white page, and a voice say once that something was detected. since i found nothing online, and malware bytes detected nothing, i figured it could be a new virus, but i dont have the knowledge to make a call like that. sorry if this isn't where something like this should go as well.
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