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  1. Thanks, yes, it's now showing as renewed. I'm grateful for your help. Did my three previous email messages about this not get through to your support team, or do they just have a big backlog of messages to deal with? Is this forum the preferred channel for support? Regards Leonard Will
  2. Thanks. I have done that, and it still says "Expired" and asks me to update payment information. What next should I try?
  3. Hi nikhils - Yes, I have checked that they are in the correct boxes. The licence id has the format XXXXX-XXXXX, while the key has the format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
  4. Further to my message above, on browsing this forum I found references to MB-clean as a program to reinstall Malwarebytes in case of any corruption. I downloaded and ran MB-clean and it appeared to run correctly up to the stage of requiring a computer restart. After that it asked whether I wanted to download and reinstall Malwarebytes. I said "yes" and it displayed a dialogue box with what appeared to be a progress bar, but the bar remained blank. When I decided that it was not going to do anything I closed the box and it then said that I should send you a text file it would put on my desktop
  5. I have used Malwarebytes pro for some years, the latest version being, installed from the download file mb3-setup-consumer- My subscription came up for renewal on 13th June. I renewed it that day and paid the renewal fee to Cleverbridge. They confirmed receipt and the payment is shown in my bank statement. Cleverbridge sent me a receipt with an ID and Key, which were unchanged from those I had previously.used. They also sent a download link to mb3-setup-cb.NT- I re-entered the ID and Key (by cut and paste to avoid errors), but Malware
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