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  1. Hey Porthos, this is how I have it excluded already. I have also tried excluding it as a file and excluding the folder it is in.
  2. So does that mean Malwarebytes is not suitable if you are running a game server as there is no way to determine my clients IP's until they try to connect?
  3. Hey all, I am hosting a Garrysmod game server from my home pc. Roughly once every 20 minutes, malware bytes pops up saying it has blocked an inbound IP address for the srcds.exe (the server application). I have added the application file to the exclusion list, both via its files and also by excluding it as an application, however, it continues to block inbound IP's. People still can connect, but I fear it may be blocking some clients from connecting. is the exclusion failing to properly exclude the application? I have attached one of the many reports generated to give you an example. example report.txt
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