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  1. Hey Mieke! Hmm, I had never thought that the ISP would do this. Anyway, either I have to change my connection to another provider or write a complaint to them. Previously, there were another set of ads which would replace the current page that was being browsed with their company ad and no way of going back to the previous page. The browser back button would get disabled. Thanks for the info.
  2. Hey guys, My computer, tablet, phones have all been infected by the clicksgear redirect virus. I have tried all possible solutions suggested on the internet, yet nothing is working. These redirects are not allowing me work. I have tried all possible solutions suggested. Please help! These are the following things I tried. 1. Uninstalled all suspicious programs. 2. Checked the windows registry for unwanted entries and removed suspicious looking ones, checked windows for any unwanted dns servers but did not find any 3. Reset all browsers and deleted the extensions, add ons 4. Changed my DNS to google dns and open dns on the devices. 5. Replaced my old router with a new one as it was suggested that the router is infected 6. Tried to reset the router, changed passwords, changed the dns on router to google dns 7. Completely reset the router, erased all contents of my android tablet and then reconnected but the problem still persists. What is happening here? The only thing that works is switching off JavaScript but I need it to log in and use several sites.
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