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  1. There is no way that MalwareBytes is not using the thinnest of reasons, spurred on by vengeance, to keep disrupting IOBit Advanced SystemCare (ASC) and Advanced SystemCare Ultimate (ASCU) installs on our PCs. They are singling out these products because of the Court battle they lost some time ago. They themselves are acting as malware when they are continually looking for ways around the exclusions you set in their program to continue to isolate, block or quarantine parts of ASC/ASCU. Every Time I install ASC/ASCU and MalwareBytes (MBAM) on a Clients PC, I have to Install MBAM first, disable Real-time protection, Install ASC/ASCU then set up all the "*\IOBit\" folder exclusions for where ASC/ASCU files are installed, run an MBAM scan so that I can add all the ASC/ASCU registry keys, Task Scheduler tasks and shortcuts in folders I don't want to exclude (desktop, startmenu, etc). Then I'm usually sweet until ASC/ASCU next upgrades to a newer version. After an upgrade, MBAM used to only quarantine new shortcuts in the folders not excluded (desktop, startmenu, etc) and the occasional new Registry key. ASC/ASCU could continue to work without these shortcuts and I could easily instruct my clients to restore the shortcut from MBAM's quarantine. It is still a hassle and with dozens and dozens of PCs to have to do this with usually during a monthly maintenance check or a call from the client about a popup message. Now MBAM is quarantining the Definition downloader file that runs from the %TEMP% to prevent ASC/ASCU from updating definitions. I restored one of the 17 quarantined downloader files ""C:\Users\stationary\AppData\Local\Temp\is-ASA1P.tmp\DownConfig.exe"" and submitted it to Virus Total and only 4 of the 67 virus engines reported it (MalwareBytes, DrWeb, Cylance & EGambit). Not sure if they are in cahoots with MBAM, subscribe to some common definitions or have some legitimate concerns. The others may provide a way to exclude ASC/ASCU E.g. From: https://forum.drweb.com/index.php?showtopic=323196&hl=iobit Posted 25 November 2015 - 22:17 Dr. Web (CureIt) considers IObit as a potentially unwanted program, not a virus, because IObit misuse can cause serious problems. You may add IObit in the exceptions list of SpiderGuard/Scanner, if it bothers you. I like both programs for their abilities but MBAM should respect my judgment on what programs , including PUPs, I want to keep on my PC if I exclude them We should try to bring this MalwareBytes/IOBit saga to an end. I propose that we draft a letter to both parties pointing out what we see as their bad behaviour (e.g. MalwareBytes' specific targeting of ASC, IOBit's ad Popups for the free software bundled with the paid versions - like IOBit Uninstaller) and if they don't hash this out within a set period of time, we will draft a facebook, twitter, etc post and encourage all users to put the posts out on their social media. The Posts should warn all potential new users, of either product that refuses to make adjustments, to stay away from it and to pass it on to all their followers. It won't take long for it to hit their bottom line!!
  2. I sent a .doc document with screenshots to support@malwareBytes.com because I kept getting an error -200 every time I tried to upload it here when I first posted. I will try again and if it still errors I will just send a couple of jpgs... Yay! This time it uploaded the doc with screenshots and explanations. I have also followed the procedure sent to me to upload the results and FRST logs though I don't think that they will be of any benefit. James MalwareBytes New version 3,1,2 bugs.doc mb-check-results.zip FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. Upgraded to MalwareBytes, and decided to remove the hundreds of file exclusions for Advanced system care and UCBrowser and to just put the parent folders of these two programs (in %programFiles%\iobit and %appdata%\iobit, etc). To my dismay, the exclude folder option is broken. It works if you exclude it after a scan but if you try to manually add a folder for exclusion, the Open File dialog box comes up instead of the Select Folder dialog. Without folder exclusions, I get a few hundred files and registry keys to exclude. This coupled with the broken scroll bar makes it very difficult to exclude some wanted programs. On all the MalwareBytes 3.1.2 tabs, the scrollbar does not work as it should. Clicking on the arrows on the top and bottom of the bar moves the screen 1 line at a time as expected but if you click anywhere else in the scroll bar It always moves to the cursor instead of a single page up/down as it should and as it does in previous versions. This makes it very difficult to scroll through to uncheck exclusions when you have hundreds or thousands of Mindspark, spigot, etc you want to leave checked and hundreds of Advanved System Care and UCBrowser that you want to exclude. You really should consider grouping all the like PUPs in expandable/collapsible trees with a parent level check boxes so that you can put in one check mark to select all Mindspark or one check to select all spigot, etc, a bit like SuperAntispyware does it.
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