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  1. Final Update: Resetting the router seemed to fix the problem. Thanks for your time!
  2. Ok, I will restart the modem and rest the router. I will fill you in on any updates.
  3. I can reset the router, its a Netgear WNR1000V3
  4. Update: I used my mobile hotspot to visit the website and IT WORKS. My issue is gone, but that means my network isn't. What should i do? I don't have parental controls on my router so no website is blocked :/
  5. I disabled firewall before and that still doesn't work. I checked my router and parental controls are disabled.
  6. I get infinite loading screen and then This site can’t be reached keystone.mwbsys.com took too long to respond. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall Running Windows Network Diagnostics ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT
  7. These are the logs from the directions I was given mb-check-results.zip FRST.txt Addition.txt
  8. The issue happened when I updated to version and my exploit protection was off and it kept giving me the notification. It was so annoying to I tried to turn it on. It wouldn't turn on and i read on one forum restarting the programs would fix it. Then I ran into an error saying, "Unable to contact license server. Check your network settings or contact your system administrator for help." At this point i was frustrated so I decided to reinstall the program. I uninstalled and reinstalled, but the same error kept coming up and now It won't even let me activate it with my license key. But I had no issues installing and activating Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium. Also if you need logs, provide instructions on where and how to get them. Any help is appreciated!
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