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  1. So Um is no one gonna respond to this post anymore because they can't seem to fix it or something? I've been waiting for more than a month and no ones responded.
  2. So I have this nasty virus that started out as a bitcoin miner virus because every time I open taskmgr it goes up to 99% cpu and then goes back down. I though hmm maybe its a virus so i use Malwarebytes to see if I can delete it. Malwarebytes didn't detect anything so I thought it wasn't a virus i've tried everything nothing worked I reset my laptop to factory settings 3 times nothing worked. Also this may also be a rootkit because 1 time my whole laptop went unusable when I start up windows it says error program has not started and happened for all my programs on my computer I could not open anything even malwarebytes. Now I was scared I gave up a few weeks after I got the virus cause I thought it would get worse if I tampered with it. But then apparently the virus also uses your cpu using undetectable processes. I used processor explorer and autorun to see if I could find anything I found nothing suspicious. I had 0 programs using cpu but I am using 2% cpu I do not have a lot of programs running I only have 43. This virus is apparently also a worm because it traveled to 2 of my other computers probably through emails.Now Im really desperate for help because all my computers are really slow im focusing on fixing the carrier of the virus mt toshiba satellite intel because if the carrier of the virus gets taken down so does all the others. Please help me remove this virus its very hard to remove and unsafe. Here are my specs, Thank You win 8.1 Intel Pentium CPU 2020m 2,40GHz Ram: 4.00 (3.88 usable)
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