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  1. ok... still working fine. No idea what was going on for those few hours... I didn't change anything... or even reboot...
  2. It just started working normally again... odd... maybe there was something funky in one of the "signature" updates???
  3. Yes, it didn't help to turn off Exploit protection on just the Office applications in the screen you posted above. I can only run Word or Excel (didn't try the others) if I completely disable Exploit Protection. As requested: Note that FRST would not run unless I disabled Norton temporarily. I re-enabled Norton after FRST completed and prior to running mb-check. Also, I re-enabled Exploit Protection on MB3 before running both FRST and mb-check. Hoping this helps figure out what's going on. mb-check-results.zip
  4. I just installed the Office 365 Click-to-Run updates released on Sept. 12, 2017. Now MB3 3.2.2 with latest updates installed is immediately closing all of the Office applications and providing an exploit protection warning. See attached report. Even if I disable the Office apps in Exploit Protection, it'll still detect it. I had to completely disable Exploit Protection in order to run any of the Microsoft Office applications. They are absolutely critical to my business. Please advise. excel exploit.txt
  5. YAY! MB-Clean fixed it! A simple uninstall and then reinstall did not work before... Thanks!
  6. having this exact problem. Exploit Protection will not turn on. The green slider shows starting and then pops back to off. I just rebooted after installing Windows Updates on Windows 10 and noticed the problem started. So that's my guess as to what is the change. mb3-check appears to be running in task manager, but in "suspended" mode. But here are the logs from FRST Addition.txt FRST.txt
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