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  1. I've gone and purchased Malwarebytes Premium, but can't install it until I've either fixed this issue or reformatted and reinstalled Windows. Just really need some advice on whether or not this is worth salvaging
  2. I thought I had completely cleaned out my computer from a zbot virus I had about a month and a half ago. I have it loaded up with malware/rootkit removal tools and have been using Malwarebytes and Avast. I'll note that when I had zbot, nothing was detected by malwarebytes, but I had a total of just over 100,000 viruses removed by Lavasoft Adaware, and then some rootkits removed by Hitman Pro, Mbar and TDSS Killer. Been using uBlock origin since cleaning out the infection, and the computer seemed to be running well. Things started acting up and freezing when I tried to scan an external hard drive with Avast a few days ago. Then last night my Avast was disabled and I could not repair it. Malwarebytes was still running, but detecting nothing. I've been in safe mode since and ended up disconnecting from the internet. I ran Hitmanpro, Mbar and TDSS killer, which came up with nothing. I tried to install Adaware (I had tried to install it before and failed, I should have paid more attention to this), with no luck, then tried to install Bitdefender, which also wouldn't install, or execute whatsoever. Now malwarebytes will not open (it hung on until the bitter end) and did not have success with Chameleon. I tried to do a system restore but failed for unknown reasons. I am running Windows 10. I've attached my logs. - also, do I need to worry about connecting to the internet on my infected computer? My laptop is clean as far as I know and is my lifeline in trying to fix my computer, so I really want to avoid it getting infected. I'm using Panda's USB vaccine on my USB sticks when transporting installers. Thank you in advance! Addition.txt FRST.txt
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