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  1. i am having the same issues. what i am curious about is whether it is a general bug, or if it just pertains to the specific items re: the OP. please see attachments and advise. thank you! AdwCleaner[S34].txt AdwCleaner[C6].txt
  2. hi. i have been using adwcleaner for years. when i tried to run it last night, i received the familiar "outdated version" message, and clicked on the link to download. after downloading, when i tried to run the program, i received the message seen in the snip below, "this app won't run on your PC". this has never happened before, and i see by browsing the forums that others with windows 10 64-bit are, indeed, running this version of adwcleaner, albeit, by some, with problems. any advice??
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