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  1. www.dcmembers.com was blocked. That is a home of Skrommel's One Hour Software
  2. Thank you. The file was FRST64English.exe, because you wanted me to rename it earlier, but i got it uninstalled. I will read those links.
  3. It seems to work now, even Web Protection is enabled.
  4. And thank you, this has been helpful. 😊 No BSOD so far.
  5. Ok, i just googled it and it seems to be that it show F-Secure two times with everyone.
  6. I only have a F-secure and Malwarebytes. That Windows Defender must got enabled when i upgraded the Windows. I will disable it. And the System Restore. It has never been working. If computer got messed up, System Restore never solved anything. Thats why it is disabled by default. Adguard is handy. It does block Ads in games and applications too. It does protects from phishing and malicious sites or atleast it coud, but it not support my browser. So its not do the same job as Malwarebytes. Why that show F-secure two times?
  7. Ookkei, ill attach both in here Addition.txt FRST.txt
  8. I did enabled beta updates, but it didnt actually updated to newer version. Atleast the version of the program and the component package version is the same. Malwarebyte seems to be kind of laggy too. Going to setting etc. 4-5 sec. delay. Is that normal? While this is happening, im getting Error to Windows System log "Intel(R) I211 Gigabit Network Connection -- Network link is disconnected." I started to use WLAN and the cable is not connected any more. I also uninstalled the LAN drivers completly, so it is using general Microsoft drivers, but i still get that message.
  9. And that crach analyser did mention NETIO.SYS and PROCESS_NAME: MBAMService.ex
  10. I got random crach after It was something about tcpip.sys. Im not sure is it related to Malwarebytes, but there used to be similar issue after program update. SysnativeFileCollectionApp.zip
  11. d2.sharemods.com false trojan, mods for ets2
  12. api.chec.io used to payments
  13. ¨Trojan site blocked https://www.sac.sk/download/utildiag/
  14. Ok, i didnt know that. That was from the Google and i didnt noticed any original tenforums topic in there. I dont support any ripoff site, but still the site itself seems to be clean. Thank you.
  15. Another one blocked via Phishing. https://www.windowsphoneinfo.com/threads/update-kb4497165-on-my-list.355426/ How do you determine what is Phishing site? How's Windowsphoneinfo is a Phishing site?
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