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  1. The response I received was: "Unfortunately, we do not integrate with the consumer version of Malwarebytes at this time. It is a cloud to cloud integration." Which of course really wasn't the answer to the question I asked. Having said that, I am assuming that if they offered a "home version" discount they would have told me about it. I can only hope that in the future home users can be given access to router level protection. Limit it to 25 devices or something if there is a concern of corporate abuse. Thank you
  2. I submitted a ticket, I can share what I find out. Fingers crossed
  3. Thank you for the quick response.. I will check with Untangle.
  4. Hello.. I have a HOME subscription of Untangle (I am not a business) and it offers Malwarebytes integration. I am also a paid subscriber of the home version of Malwarebytes. Can I use this for my Untangle router also? If not, is there a "Home version" of the Malwarebytes solution that I can use with Untangle. Thank you in advance
  5. You're right, V2 is much better. That's what it was, updating to V3 is where compatibility with 2k3 ended. Reverting back to V2 has resolved the issue. I don't know why I didn't think of this I guess I just assumed because V3 successfully installed that real-time should be working and the O/S wasn't the issue. Thanks very much for your help and have a great day
  6. Thank you for the prompt reply Ron. I do not have any snapshots right now as I recently migrated to a new ESXi host. I have plenty of data backups but just the one for the O/S. I do have a backup of the vmdk but it also has the same issue so I am really just stuck trying to fix this manually. I don't use Symantec anymore that was for an old tape drive. You've made me wonder.. I think the problem could have happened when I updated Malwarebytes to a newer version. I am honestly not 100% sure but I just remembered and I think it could be related. Malwarebytes was actually working great for q
  7. Hello My issue is that real-time protection (and now even scanning) will not work any longer. One of my servers (I have a home network, IT specialist) that is a virtual machine is running Windows Server 2003 SBS. It provides my AD/DNS/WINS, not really used for anything else. I like having the real-time protection running because it is providing my DNS for my local network. I don't use the web browser on the server. The server itself and the performance seems to be running fine at least I don't notice any issues at all. I am wondering if this could be an infection? One
  8. You sir, are a genius. I sort of forgot I even changed that I swapped them back to the physical drive, rebooted (key step) and then the install worked perfectly! Well done Mr. Porthos! Thank you so much
  9. Hello... I'm a premium user here and need some help. First off, I have NO SIGNS of infection whatsoever (I guess we'll see ). My computer runs wonderfully.. My ONLY problem is that I am unable to upgrade (and now I cannot even install) MBAM 3.x. I had been running version 3 already and started having a problem only after I was prompted to install your most recent update. The setup launched and as soon as I clicked "OK" to the default of ENGLISH I get this error (attached). I was persistent to get your latest version installed so I started troubleshooting. I saw the other post about check
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