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  1. 2 minutes ago, Kraggy said:

    Not the first time MB has done this, if you look back on here or Google "malwarebytes web protection won't start" you'll see several cases over the years, and that's not including the a good number of times it happens in not such a massively destructive way as it has now.

    It's not destructive, just massively annoying. Like I stated previously, I've had antivirus/malware software kill my OS before, requiring a complete reinstall.. Now THAT'S destructive.  I'm just relieved it's only a memory leak they can fix, and not some new malware that's figured out how to kill antimalware software!  It's fixable without data loss.

  2. I was playing World of Warcraft today when I guess Malwarebytes possibly updated (usually it seems to do it in the late morning).. Now Malwarebytes proceeds to eat all RAM, then proceeds to fill up my swap file, then crash the computer.. I uninstalled it, reinstalled it, and it worked normally until I registered it. Then immediately the same thing.


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