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  1. Thanks Dyllon. How do I know that I am on the latest package, without downloading the revision download, and trying to install, and then telling me that I have the latest? I have done several downloads this year only to find that there was not an update. Presumably other people must have the same issue? Kr Byron
  2. I have downloaded the latest version which seems to be However when I run the .exe in managed mode, it is telling me that I have that already installed. How can I tell what a new update contains? I expect that it to be new, (i.e. later than the existing,) but frequently it doesn't appear to be, and fails the install. What am I missing here?
  3. Hi I find it almost impossible to get the latest update to the MWB management consol. I have a URL provided by tech support, but there is no version number, and the zip file always seems to be the same, such that it says I have the latest version installed, when I run it. How do I ensure that the MWB console and the endpoint protection is fully up to date? I am a small business user, and whilst technical find the updating process next to useless. Any assistance greatly appreciated!
  4. It would be really good if the updating of the consul, and therefore subsequent updating of the Clients was much easier. I have to frequently check the download link to see if I have downloaded the patch, but recently there was a situation where the download file name didn't change albeit that there was new content. It is hard enough to keep Virus protection up to date, but when you don't know there are updates it is more difficult and potentially more risky for the users.
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