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  1. Updated to Beta Component 1.0.979 per announcement: No more stutters/hangs/etc.. We are pleased. 😀
  2. Original report here: Subsequent offline discussion w/ LiquidTension in early Feb.. New logs: mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. This particular bug surfaced ~ Jan 9th & disabling Web protection is currently the only solution. Using Process Monitor, one can observe MBAM consuming increasing amounts of memory. While there was no specific mention of a fix for this, I tried the latest beta. Instead of choppy sound, system locks up HARD within an hour, so no fix there.
  4. Close to the bottom of the gdata-software download page, there is a AVCleaner tool: "You need this tool to completely uninstall your G DATA security solution (e.g. to reinstall it). AntiVirus Cleaner deletes from your system all remains of the program which were not removed by a simple uninstall." This is probably the best approach for removing left-overs.
  5. Win 7 Ultimate (x64). MBAM Premier, Avast Premium Security (exclusions applied to BOTH) 1st noticed this following an MBAM update on 1/9. NO other updates applied (PC is 'notify/let me decide' for ALL apps). Upon returning home 2 days later, noticed that ALL WMC recordings were plagued by stuttering, buzzing audio & fluctuating audio volume levels. As I was recovering from a procedure, I had no time/inclination towards debugging this, so I just deactivated my license & occasionally checked this forum for similar reports. After a manual update last night, I restored
  6. Perhaps the description was ill-considered, but the omission of pertinent details is the point...
  7. Please. Since it's already necessary to drill down to view the detail, & the report screen is rather sparsely populated, I fail to understand the need to 'clean it up'.
  8. I've been in the habit of periodically reviewing the scan reports & I can confirm that the 3.x (UI) report included all the detail that is now only available via an export in v4.x.
  9. I don't know if this will be of any help, but I've been running Avast Premium Security (latest, 'RealSite' protection disabled) alongside MBAM 4.x without noticing an issues. 'RealSite' has been disabled due to past issues, so I would suggest testing to see if it alleviates the problem?
  10. Updated to FF v70.0.1 last week & had no issues w/ MBAM v3.x. Updated MBAM to v4.x today & still no issues. Sounds like FF can't save profile updates on close (read-only), so the process gets 'stuck' & is still active when you restart FF. Does MBAM protect FF profiles in a manner I've never noticed? If not, I'd think just fixing the profile permissions SHOULD resolve the issue.
  11. Been there, done that. But I also understand some people have lives... never met one, but I understand... 😑
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