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  1. Perhaps the description was ill-considered, but the omission of pertinent details is the point...
  2. Please. Since it's already necessary to drill down to view the detail, & the report screen is rather sparsely populated, I fail to understand the need to 'clean it up'.
  3. I've been in the habit of periodically reviewing the scan reports & I can confirm that the 3.x (UI) report included all the detail that is now only available via an export in v4.x.
  4. I don't know if this will be of any help, but I've been running Avast Premium Security (latest, 'RealSite' protection disabled) alongside MBAM 4.x without noticing an issues. 'RealSite' has been disabled due to past issues, so I would suggest testing to see if it alleviates the problem?
  5. Updated to FF v70.0.1 last week & had no issues w/ MBAM v3.x. Updated MBAM to v4.x today & still no issues. Sounds like FF can't save profile updates on close (read-only), so the process gets 'stuck' & is still active when you restart FF. Does MBAM protect FF profiles in a manner I've never noticed? If not, I'd think just fixing the profile permissions SHOULD resolve the issue.
  6. Been there, done that. But I also understand some people have lives... never met one, but I understand... 😑
  7. I find myself 'joining the the choir' here. I regard MBAM as a (valued) tool & expect the UI to provide detailed status at a glance, sans glitz. Make it skinnable for those that crave personalization (if you must), but I, too, would prefer a more business-like (professional) presentation. Never quite got over the Windows XP 'Fisher-Price' interface... which was, at least, optional. Just another $.02.
  8. I appreciate your hesitation, but would never have considered posting either had I detected anything untoward. Sorry, I probably should have obscured them somehow.(insert code?). The upshot was that these are common javascript 'toys', not malware. The forum post suggested 'disabling a screensaver', but it could just as easily have been something in the browser cache.
  9. Is this what you are seeing? auz.github.io/Bug/ I found this discussion via websearch: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/620622/insect-on-screen-malware/
  10. I've run into this before. The problem (in my case) is that once you've provided admin credentials to perform the uninstall/repair operation, things that are configured to run after a reboot apply to the admin account. After reboot, if you auto-login, or log into to user account, those things don't happen. Log out & log back in as admin and the re-installation will execute. Give that a try.
  11. As a counterpoint, I'm running Win 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 / Avast Premier (latest/fully armed) / MBAM (latest/fully armed), with no signs of conflict. On average, both MBAMService / AvastSVC typically using < 1% CPU each, according to Process Explorer. I've been watching closely since the CU 1.0.527 was installed.
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