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  1. Hi CrazyRocketBoy,

    Mac users need to login to myaccount portal to deactivate the previous activated devices.

    my account portal link > https://my.malwarebytes.com/en/login


    The purchase should not be a box or retail purchase and user need to login with email address used to purchase the product.

    Any issue,  please write us to support@malwarebytes.com with purchase details.


  2. Hi Billk,

    If Malwarebytes for Mac is unable to download updates or activate the license, that means that something is blocking its connection to our servers. That may be an outgoing firewall application, such as Little Snitch or Lulu, or it may be similar functionality that is blocking outgoing connection attempts within some other anti-virus software.

    You will need to review any such software and ensure it is not blocking connections that Malwarebytes needs to function properly. See page 5 in the user guide:


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