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  1. I use an ad and script blocker so im puzzled it was more of an adriod system notification and seemed to come from the malwarebytes app so it could be anything
  2. So recently i decided to buy malwarebytes andriod to remove some malware and it works fine, but i just received this notification from malwarebytes claiming that i could do a survey for a 350 amazon gift card now i figured this might be fake specially after removing malware recently id just like to get comfirmation here
  3. Decided to run a scan with malwarebytes since i hadn't run one in some time i was suprised that it detected C:\$RECYCLE.BIN\S-1-5-21-41-4122223833-2394475517-2626645632-1001\$IHHGUV1.JPG C:\$RECYCLE.BIN\S-1-5-21-41-4122223833-2394475517-2626645632-1001\$RGE38E1.JPG and C:\$RECYCLE.BIN\S-1-5-21-41-4122223833-2394475517-2626645632-1001\$RHHGUV1.JPG what i can possible believe is causing this might be when earlier this day i saved an image i searched and realised it was a jpg.png which was odd i deleted it and deleted it from the recycling bin firgered might have caused no harm sin
  4. Tank you for the response Aura, appreciate it, i read the article and I think it’s pretty shady they are doing this without telling you first not to mention there’s not a whole lot stoping them from making this malicious
  5. I hope everyone's having a nice day, anyways i downloaded the dolphin emulator which had an amazing reputation i was trying to dump my WII disks too get the game isos for the emulator but couldn't get rawdump to work browsing forums i saw this link for a website for a dumping program unfortunately i didn't look at the link too well because when i searched the website i clicked the wrong website link, it looked like a game ROM website which usually isn't a good sign but i was using no script so no scripts loaded but it initiated a connection to coinhive . com, now i'm pretty sure this is a bitc
  6. rodent you should open a thread the fact you say websites like that of mbam are being block sounds bad, is there a message when they are vlocked? or is it just not letting you in hoep everything is ok
  7. yep i am no longer getting blocks thanks mbam if you happen to be getting alerts from bitdefender or blocks when going into websites like the malwarebytes website it is worth opening a malware removal thread and scanning with various scanners to make sure you are not infected, everyone have a nice day
  8. Possibly bitdefender just went insane it started flagging everything but that’s probably just a one time bug I hope they just correct this as soon as possible
  9. i guess we should just wait for the update gl to everyone
  10. i dont know im using bitdefender free also and i did get one alert yesterday im just going through my firewall blocking anything suspicous seems like the best i can do right now
  11. this seems like a brand new issue could it possibly be something trying to hijack or inject code i really am clueless to what this is, at first i thought it might have to do about having windows firewall disabled while playing destiny but doesnt seem like it i tried using ccleaner to clean out everything in firefox im gonna try just searching the program files see if i see anything suspicous ill also try adw cleaner maybe that will detect something and i do agree with the sub domain thing there are many ive just gotten the rc.symcd.com variant maybe we can get the attention of someone from mal
  12. Yup it seems weird I researched and it seems like something about failing to validate ssl certificates from Symantec i don’t know I’ve resorted to forcing encryption everywhere and hardening my firewall to see if it helps might just be issues with the new update hope you guys can solve this too
  13. it appears this has something to do with synmatec not sure
  14. opening new tabs, reloading pages and so forth seems to trigger the tj.symcd.com connection
  15. So ive been having a finew experience with windows and malwarebytes recently i updated firefox to firefox quantum, nothing suspicous has happened but just today everytime i start surfing in firefox i notice no sites are getting encrypted with https even with https everywhere which seemed weird, i go on with my day but then malwarebytes starts blocking connections and ip's and then comodo firewall starts showing me requests for downloading ccleaner, the ip's and domains were mostly: ftp.snt.utwente.nl,, tj.symcd.com,, driver.reimageplus.com,, gp.symcd.
  16. I was able to clean out the infection from safe mode
  17. Things are looking better files where removed from safe mode and it running a few scanners it looks like it might be coming from the windows.old folder
  18. I have some extremely aggressive malware right now I recently reformatted 2 hours ago I don’t know how it’s even here I inserted my emergency usb and got all my malware removal products the temp refused to be removed even in safemode file assasin is inafective and bitdefender flags en but the scan won’t detect anything I’m doing scans in side mode with some products but I can’t activate hitman pro trail so this is even harder this is a nightmare I don’t know what gave me this malware bitdefender flags it as Gen:variant.injector.37
  19. So i'm constantly reformating windows and reinstalling malwarebytes when major problems arrive problem is everytime i have to re enter the mbam license so today i reformated windows due to an issue i got everything working but it said my mbam license was used too much please some one help i really love mabam and i would love to have everything working again
  20. I reformatted there was no choice
  21. Yes everything is fine I did reformat windows and everything including mb3 was fine until yesterday when I attempted to access my user profile in windows 10 from a windows 7 install that I dual boot, it basically ruined everything in my windows 10 install and my macrium image backup is corrupted because I moved it from drives so I might have to reinstall again I made a topic so hopefully I can get some help
  22. Ok so recently I reformatted windows due to driver problems After I got everything up and running I made. Macrium image and a system restore I was having problems installing discord so booted to windows 7 installed discord there and copied the files I tried to enter the user profile of my windows 10 and it said I needed permissions I got them and copied the files booting to windows ten I was met with an unresponsive windows with malfunctioning file icons and a blank wallpaper I can open file explorer task manager and other programs the start menu takes an hour to become responsive and safe mod
  23. Just decided to check back on the forum today many people said I should reinstall windows I eventually did better to start fresh and functional than not being able to even update windows
  24. fortunately i was able top reinstall mbam this time the driver loaded
  25. It’s turning on sometimes it turns off but for the most part te working
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