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  1. I use an ad and script blocker so im puzzled it was more of an adriod system notification and seemed to come from the malwarebytes app so it could be anything
  2. So recently i decided to buy malwarebytes andriod to remove some malware and it works fine, but i just received this notification from malwarebytes claiming that i could do a survey for a 350 amazon gift card now i figured this might be fake specially after removing malware recently id just like to get comfirmation here
  3. Decided to run a scan with malwarebytes since i hadn't run one in some time i was suprised that it detected C:\$RECYCLE.BIN\S-1-5-21-41-4122223833-2394475517-2626645632-1001\$IHHGUV1.JPG C:\$RECYCLE.BIN\S-1-5-21-41-4122223833-2394475517-2626645632-1001\$RGE38E1.JPG and C:\$RECYCLE.BIN\S-1-5-21-41-4122223833-2394475517-2626645632-1001\$RHHGUV1.JPG what i can possible believe is causing this might be when earlier this day i saved an image i searched and realised it was a jpg.png which was odd i deleted it and deleted it from the recycling bin firgered might have caused no harm since i only set it as a wallpaper and didnt execute anything or open the image if anyone can help me with this should i take anymore steps to ensure safety i already removed these
  4. Tank you for the response Aura, appreciate it, i read the article and I think it’s pretty shady they are doing this without telling you first not to mention there’s not a whole lot stoping them from making this malicious
  5. I hope everyone's having a nice day, anyways i downloaded the dolphin emulator which had an amazing reputation i was trying to dump my WII disks too get the game isos for the emulator but couldn't get rawdump to work browsing forums i saw this link for a website for a dumping program unfortunately i didn't look at the link too well because when i searched the website i clicked the wrong website link, it looked like a game ROM website which usually isn't a good sign but i was using no script so no scripts loaded but it initiated a connection to coinhive . com, now i'm pretty sure this is a bitcoin miner fortunately malwarebytes blocked the connection i scanned and found nothing but could i have a bitcoin miner stealthily using my system resources, please if anyone can help me out that would be appreciated i scanned with bitdefender free, zemana, mbam and adwcleaner
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