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  1. I also apologize for adding to this thread. I'm having the same problem. Pages being redirected when I visit Yahoo and other websites, as well as the verosmedia.com domain name being used in some redirects. I posted a thread about this at bleeping computer and the volunteer gave my computer a clean bill of health. MalwareBytes, HitmanPro, and avast also say my machine is clean. This leads me to believe that the problem is not actually malware based and is the result of someone abusing ad networks that we happen to be interacting with (at least in my case). This is only my intuition, but it seems to be supported by the fact that the redirect pages include the URL of the webpage that was hijacked. To my untrained eye that seems to be the kind of information someone running a marketing campaign would want recorded to figure out how effective their ad purchasing is. My intuition could be off though and I could be totally wrong. Again I apologize for posting in this thread. I wont post again unless requested to, I just felt the need to say that I'm experiencing the same problems with what seems to be a clean computer. Best regards.
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