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  1. Update: I turned off the avast shields, and the tdsskiller ran fine, scan completed with no threats found. I suppose there's no malware, and if so, thanks for your help!
  2. Yes, that was the popup I'm able to connect to all sites now, but when the problem occurred, I could only access google and youtube. It might have had something to do with me uninstalling a VPN software. When I try running tdsskiller, it just doesn't run, the process doesn't even attempt to start, no error messages. Yes my windows is up to date. Also, I haven't restarted my computer since quarantining the threats detected by MB What does the farbar fix do exactly, before I begin it. Additionally, will I need to create a system restore point before doing so? Th
  3. Here are the FRST and addition text logs. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. My system has been acting weird the past few days so I figured there could be some malware infecting my pc. Things like, Not being able to connect to certain sites My Avast behavior shield being disabled everytime I restart my pc Unwanted pop up reading "Adding snap in to console" I ran a threat scan with malwarebytes and quarantined 6 threats, then tried running tdsskiller and it won't run. I tried changing the file name and it still won't run. Some help would be greatly appreciated!
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