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  1. Weird stuff is occuring. Physical memory climbs linearly, MBAMservice.exe is identified. When I shut down MB,memory drops.Then memory continues to increase in MBAMservice.exe!! But I’m unable to stop the process MBAMservice.exe (access denied), memory drops. This happens even when I disconect from the internet.
  2. my version info is almost the same as Corrine's and mwiebe71's except for the update package: Malwarebytes version Component package version: 1.0.262 Update package version 1.0.3799 I've also run the two tools, frst and mb-check. got the .zip file too. What next??
  3. I'm having trouble with Malwarebytes again. I’ve had Malwarebytes installed and working fine since November. PC Win7 64bit. But today, the web protection was ‘turned off’ on both my PCs. I first quit MWB, the restarted it. Web protection as on for about a minute, then it was off. I also rebooted and did the same, with the same results. What's going on [I had the same problem last June By ILS, June 9, 2017 in Malwarebytes 3 ]?
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