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  1. Hi I'm running MB on a Windows 10 Home edition PC with all the latest patches applied. I use Microsoft Edge as my default browser but there are time when I would also like to use Internet Explorer 11. I now find that I cannot start IE 11 unless I disable Exploit Protection. As soon as IE 11 is open I can turn Exploit Protection back on and continue to use IE 11. It's just the initial execution that doesn't work. A few weeks ago I noticed that Exploit Protection had been turned off and every time I tried to enable it the it would immediately switch of again. After looking at this forum the recommended solution for this kind of problem was to download the MB clean tool and reinstall. I did that and Exploit Protection would now turn on and stay on but I'm left with this problem with IE 11. I tried resetting IE 11 back to its default settings but that made no difference? Any ideas? Thanks Mike
  2. I think what you are seeing when you select the Scan option in the left hand list are the results of the previous scan. If you press close on that window in the bottom right it will take you back to the dashboard. If you select Scan again you should see the three options for Threat Scan, Custom Scan and Hyper Scan. Hope this helps. Mike
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