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  1. My issues were solved by reinstalling the software. A guide for reinstallation should be made as there is not one in the user manual!! sad
  2. I dont know whats up with this. I have been waiting 4 days on a support email and no response. my "wonderful" software wont update and no where can i find a document indicating how to reinstall this stuff. $50 dollars and then after two months it stops working. I am from South africa is this is very expensive
  3. Ok so in this image there are tick boxes to make it automatically check for program updates. So when I click on it and it turns green. And then I move to the next tab and then go back to the first tab ( Application). All the check boxes reset themselves. I have tested this 10 times. Also in the protection tab at the bottom. the switch for automatically get updates doesnt move to the on mode. I click and click and nothing happens. Maybe MB should have the option to lock the interface so this bug doesnt happen. Like you can in avast. I turned off panda. and MB still wont update. I am gonna start praying Thank you for your help, much appreciated.
  4. Ok, I am trying this now. How do I save the setting in the options panels. It resets every time I restart my pc?
  5. Hi Even after installing the new update the software is still not updating. I replied to another thread on this topic but its disappeared. I am getting irate to this issue. I didnt have any issues until 3 days ago I have added mb check mb-check-results.zip
  6. Hi I try to make schedule. But when I click ok it says please make sure date is M:DD:year. But the choice is through a drop down calendar. the same error is said for the time and why there isnt a drop time for time seems bizarre. Go from one method to another. Please fix. AS the update issue is making me very cross and almost regretting my purchase
  7. I bought the software 2 days ago and I get this error where I can not or it will not start "the exploitation layer"
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