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  1. Hi nasdaq, For sure since I took the measures above I never get the 70 to 80 hits in the scan, though I am a bit curious why the other PC never gets a hit and this one does. I just ran the scan again and got zero hits, so I am willing to say all is well. Thank you for your help! Jeff
  2. Both of these websites I visited before I left to go on vacation. Probably necessary to provide the services I used at each. Not nefarious, for sure.
  3. Running scan, will report latest results and answer, thx.
  4. I will be back in the office in 4 days to respond.
  5. The scan did finally find 2 more items, I did click a link to track a package during the day yesterday before I ran the scan at night. Perhaps this is quite innocent and expected?
  6. I don't even know how I posted that double post days apart. it can be deleted. I have not found anything in scans since Tuesday morning, I think all is well, thank you. Jeff
  7. The scan did find one tracking cookie. We are no longer a Verizon customer, maybe this has been there a while.
  8. The scan did find one tracking cookie. We are no longer a Verizon customer, maybe this has been there a while.
  9. So far, no more tracking cookies. That was not unusual to find, then another day there would be 50 or more, I will continue to monitor. Thank you.
  10. Thank you, Nasdaq. I have followed the advice for Chrome and Edge, the only 2 browsers I use. It might be noteworthy to point out that the machine that never has tracking cookies found in the scan also needed the correction to Edge and Chrome. Both PCs were set up exactly the same in this respect. I will let this PC run a few days and report back on progress. Jeff
  11. I have 2 computers in my home office. I run Malwarebytes premium on both of them. I run competitor scans for spyware and other stuff on both of them. Using a competitor scanner software, on one machine, I usually always find quite a lot of tracking cookies. On the other I don't find any. This makes me believe that there is something on the offending PC that is facilitating getting these tracking cookies. This is some of what I find: Could there be something on this machine that needs to be removed? Thank you for your help. Jeff
  12. Confirmed 1903! Already have Malwarebytes Browser Guard extension for Chrome. Looks like your work is done, and done very well. Thank you. Jeff
  13. Oh, and by the way, Microsoft recommended this page on my first Edge session after the full update. In the event someone does not see this as I did, or you want to give it out as part of your other very helpful information, here is that page, every helpful: https://microsoftedgetips.microsoft.com/en-us/0?source=updatefirstrunrs6
  14. Took a couple reboots I finished the update. I presume I am on version 1903, though I didn't see where to check that straight away. Awesome links regarding Microsoft Windows 10, I have book marked them (in Chrome, of course). And for those rare occasion I must use Edge, I have the AdBlocker Ultimate installed. I see AdBlocker Ultimate has an extension for Chrome, is it necessary? Thank you. Jeff
  15. I am part way through the update, it seems to be a very major update, new functionality, new look, thank you for bringing it to my attention. At this stage of the update, Microsoft Edge opened to the Microsoft start page with this temporary welcome back message at the top: There is a huge amount of great information here I would like to go back to and read more of or refer to in the future. I would like to recall this temporary screen, how do I do that, do you know? Item 2 I can get to via settings, and item 1 is tips which I can send the link to the open window to the task bar, but when I click the task bar, it opens a different set of tips, I don't see how to get back. I assume item 3 carries me forward and the temp screen will be gone so I have not tried it yet. I know this is clearly not Malwarebytes related, but wondered if you might know. Thank you, Jeff
  16. Cancelled the current session, closed another app and ran again. It found precisely what the other Microsoft tool found: I let it take action and remove, the result: So I appear to be clean now. Like I said, I bought Malwarebytes Premium when I began this thread. What else should I be doing to keep my PCs clean? Thank you for your help! Jeff
  17. I turned on and started a full Windows Defender scan, it has been stuck here for about an hour. Should I expect it to eventually continue on?
  18. I ran the Microsoft Safety Scanner as suggested. The scan found the following: The top 3 when clicked upon all recommend steps using Windows Defender. Opening the Task Scheduler as described here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17464/windows-10-help-protect-my-device-with-windows-security#1TC=windows-10 then clicking Windows Defender does not show anything in the center panel. Upon checking further, searching for Windows Defender in my Start Menu and finding Windows Defender there, clicking I see Windows Defender scanning is off: Should I turn it on? When I continued with ESET, I was given an opportunity to allow ESET to periodically scan. Is there any value in that? I didn't allow for now. Thank you.
  19. The 2 scan logs are attached. I have not "continued" with ESET yet, to permanently delete the files, I scanned through and there does not appear to be anything was found that if I need it and it is safe, I can't replace. ESET-Deleted.txt AdwCleaner[C06].txt
  20. Malwarebytes did not detect anything, ScanReport.txt attached. ScanReport.txt
  21. Here are the requested files. I bought Malwarebytes Premium for 2 years for 2 PC's as a thank you, and besides, clearly I need it. Jeff Rkill.txt mbst-grab-results.zip
  22. Hello, Today I was reading news articles linked from MSN I think using the Microsoft Edge browser and while reading one I got a pop up that exclaimed my PC was broken and that I needed to do something all the while a stead tone was screaming through my PC speakers. I didn't fall for it and did not click the OK or do whatever they wanted me to do next, I just closed the browser. I ran Malware bytes and another popular spyware finder and neither found anything. Then I opened my task manager to see what I could find was running that might surprise me and found this process. I don't recall it ever being there before but I cannot be sure of that. Then I opened Edge again then re-opened the task manager and looked at the detail for Edge and some of what I found does not look good to me. The only tab opened at this time was Gmail, that is all. My PC is not misbehaving in any way. I don't perceive any bad stuff going on but if any of this is nefarious, I would like to remove it. Thank you for your assistance! Jeff
  23. This is the affected programs after restore:
  24. Everything seems to be fine. If I do a system restore to a time yesterday before I did the fix, is it possible browsing history will be restored?
  25. The annoying pushwhy notices stopped back around within a few days of when I started this thread, but I went ahead and did the fix. Everything is still fine. Really wish I had my tabs back, that will be a setback, hope you can point me to where I will find those.
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