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  1. XLM file does not appear

    If cheat sheets weren't allowed or created I would had pulled my hair out!
  2. XLM file does not appear

    gosh, hope in the long run thats not what it takes.... But, it's a point I might have to ponder in the end..Thank you
  3. XLM file does not appear

    Hello Aura, very nice to meet you. You are a talented person with an understanding and abilities greater then what I have so, I bow to you. I'm not a famous teacher, I use cheat sheets!
  4. XLM file does not appear

    Yes, I've seen that. And Aura is smarter then me too! I think it takes a very special person to work as hard as that and keep going no matter what.
  5. XLM file does not appear

    yes your right I have, until there was nothing left to give permission to. btw, long time no see.
  6. XLM file does not appear

    I guess I blew the experiment......grrrr OK Have installed NoScript, it blocks txt's from opening and displays the same error page I hate that too. I always felt protected by having NoScript on my laptop. Since resetting the browser I have 3 instances of Firefox running at the same time in task manager? I also seem to have lost malware search ad-on and can't get that back, says not compatible with this version of Firefox. I use this add on daily! Can someone recommend a different ad-on that works like this one (malware search add-on)?
  7. XLM file does not appear

    OK Have reset the browser No add ons or extensions When trying to open an attachment in txt, it works as it should. I'm going to apply NoScript again, as an experiment, and see if it is something I will have to leave off.
  8. XLM file does not appear

    I haven't yet but it is in the plan of things to do. I feel the issue is related to NoScript, was hoping they would have an update soon that would fix it.
  9. XLM file does not appear

    Heres the topic I was following any txt I try to open displays the error page. Firefox is my default browser. good reading about <click to allow the "unsafe reload" in order to view the attached log files. > I tried to right click and save the .txt file to desktop, open with notepad and it surprisingly open with the same error, just my luck. It's strange tho, I had allowed/disabled all with NoScript before trying to do any of the above. Let me add, I just now tried using IE, all .txt's opened and displayed as they should.
  10. I'm trying to follow topics in malware removal. Not a problem till I try to open an attached txt file. I don't know if it's a permissions issue (not had them before) or if it's since an update from Firefox that I've been shut out. I'll post a screen shot of what it looks like.
  11. Now this was scarry

    ocsp.digicert.com several ports used supposedly through Firefox. After running an unimaginable amount of scans, and I'm just about familiar with them all from rootkit to standard malware/adware. With nothing found I can say I have a very clean machine. I read a post here https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/177623-72219129/ that helped tremendously pfeww!