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  1. Thanks! That did the trick! Just in case anybody else runs into the same problem, I went into K9 > Setup > Safe Search ...... then unchecked the box titled "Redirect Google SSL". I left the Safe Search On..... just wanted to try your first suggestion first, and that did the trick! Thank You. I'll probably just uninstall K9 anyway. I listen to "Computer Talk with Tab" Podcast on a regular basis. They always recommend Malwarebytes on every program. They used to recommend K9, but just recently said it is causing many issues.... so they now recommend uninstalling K9 and just us
  2. I updated Malwarebytes and was immediately Blocked from accessing any Google websites. I can't check Gmail or do Google Searches..... If I do, I get the error message: "www.google.com's server DNS address could not be found". Everything else works perfectly normal.... just Google is being blocked somehow after the most recent update. If I turn Malwarebytes OFF, I can use Gmail and Google Searches as I normally do. There is some sort of conflict between the Update and Google. I tried the 2 suggestions the Moderator made in a previous thread, and neither worked.... which was an Install on
  3. Tried BOTH suggestions above.... Neither worked. Whenever I try to use Gmail, Google Search, Google anything..... I get error saying DNS address could not be found. If I turn OFF Malwarebytes.... everything goes back to normal and works perfectly! Looks like we got another update that wasn't ready for Prime Time
  4. Same goes for me. I installed on Friday and have been plagued with inability to access anything related to Google since the update..... Google Search, Google Mail, etc. Example of error message says: "www.google.com's server DNS address could not be found". Everything else works, just can no longer used Google Search or Gmail. If I turn OFF Malwarebytes....... I can access Google Search and Google Mail. Yes.... already tried DNS Flush and all the other easy fixes.... nothing works. Only turning OFF Malwarebytes
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