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  1. My issue is also fixed now in malwarebytes 4.2
  2. When i go to list of reports and select one it brings up a different report never the correct one. Only time i can display the correct one if i select it from the pop-up when the scan finishes. Any advise how to fix this or is it a bug with the program.
  3. Hi exile360 already have account with the license details displayed. Talks about malwarebytes 3.0 premium as the version of the application the license is for. Not sure whether that would be issue in the future.
  4. Thanks Maurice Its good to hear i will be able to eventually transfer licence. Thanks for the instructions. Malcolm
  5. Thanks exile360 the repair tool seems to have done the trick. Everything working ok at least for now. A scan scheduled earlier this morning before repair seems to have worked as well. I can now open application and all protections are running. With win7 no longer supported by microsoft and my laptop getting long in the tooth i am thinking of getting a new win10 machine. My malwarebytes premium licence is a old never expires one, can this licence be transferred to any new machine i purchase and how would i do that?
  6. I have a premium version 4.0.4 running on a old windows 7 laptop. Yesterday afternoon 7/2/2020 australian time i noticed the icon on the bottom of screen would intermitely show that protections were disabled. Occasionally more than one icon would pop up. Since then i have not been able to open the application itself. task manager shows the background service running but on clicking the open button it either just does nothing or windows says the application has basically crashed. Also it appears a scheduled scan may not have run although i cant be certain as cant open application to check. Is malwarebytes no longer supported on windows 7? Any suggestions on how to get it to work again? Should i try to reinstall it? If so how do i do that? Malcolm
  7. I have malwarebytes I had assumed i would be notified by the application if a new version is available such as 3.1.2. Do i have manually download it to get latest version? Malcolm
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