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  1. Porthos, all seems fine now, scan took 28 minutes much better than 4 hours. Thanks for you help.
  2. Porthos, please find attached file as requested. mb-check-results.zip
  3. Every day I am getting notifications that my updates are not current; so do the necessary to bring them up to date. However, the system then goes onto scan, which is fine, but it now takes up to 4 hours!! it used to take less than 1/2 Anyone else having this problem, or know how to solve it?
  4. Telos, I have downloaded it, but it just runs and runs and runs. Do I need to uninstall my original version and then reinstall the new one?
  5. Hi, I have a notification on my malwarebytes dashboard stating a 'new and improved version of malwarebytes is available' then an install button. I select the install but nothing happens, can anyone help?
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