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  1. The problem is you have to manually add an exemption for every single website. The internet is millions of sites. That's why Google doesn't do this with their competing "Safe Site" feature. Additionally, it's much too cumbersome to add exceptions once you reach the "Malwarebytes has blocked this page" banner. The fact of the matter is that many people, including myself, have your fantastic "Web Protection" disabled because of its current functionality. We would love to continue using it, however. Instead of going through all these back alleys, a simple "Proceed anyway" would be a fantastic addition to the software. I am confident a user poll would reflect these feelings.
  2. Malwarebytes is a great program. It would be even better if it gave greater power to its users. It already does this in the following wayS: Allows customizable control over each protection offered, with the ability to turn off any undesired protections Allows custom scanning, and a selection of different types of scans Allows users to decide what is done with detected files To make Malwarebytes even better, why not extend that customizability into protections like has already been done. I turn off Web Protection because I find there to be some false positives every now and then, like images being blocked off Google Images when viewed. But I still want the excellent protection Malwarebytes provides with the hard-spent time they have spent. The best solution is to allow users that have enabled "Web Protection" to see warning pages that allow them to still proceed to the main page. Google does this with their browser. Many other companies do this, because they know there is no way to catch all bad pages. Or perhaps the user knows this and still wishes to proceed. tl;dr Malwarebytes should continue with their excellent customization by adding the simple option to proceed to pages Web Protection warns you about instead of not allowing you to proceed at all.
  3. I saw this thread and noticed it was inactive so I wanted to remake it because this issue is definitely pressing: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/144984-disable-notification-when-i-choose-to-disable-website-protection/ I got Malwarebytes for the excellent anti-virus protection, NOT for a tacked-on website protection. I originally had it enabled, but then disabled it when I couldn't even open images in Google Image Search without seeing "website blocked," and otherwise interrupting my normal browsing. I've never had any website compromise my security at all in the past, which means Malwarebytes itself is doing more harm than good. I know for a fact that not just me, but many other users are very annoyed at being notified that their anti-virus isn't working properly when it is in fact working exactly the way they want it to. Every. Single. Startup. Please give users an option to disable notifications when they disable website protection. Thank you. P.S. Signing up for this website was atrocious, the worst "secure password verifier" I've ever used. My passwords are very strong, yet I've never been more frustrated at a signup than this forum. It's impossible to set a password, I had to make a random nonsensical one to get past it. Maybe the reason this issue isn't being talked about more is because the user registration is so cumbersome it's impossible for users to even comment.
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