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  1. I'm the developper of SUMo. I'm working on improving SUMo with that regard. Please come to me if you need assistance or have more feedback to share.... or if you want a discount on SUMo PRO :-)
  2. I'm the developper of SUMo. Thanks for your feedback.... Appart from this (which sould be moderate => Please contact me in PM if I miss something), do you have any suggestion in making SUMo even better ? If you like SUMo and would like to get the "PRO" version, come to me in PM and i'll offer a nice discount
  3. I'm the developper of SUMo. In other posts, some users claimed that had to explicitely allow SUMo in MBAM in order to get it work. I assume / expect this will be solved by MBAM quickly, if not already done.
  4. I'm the developper of SUMo. Do you still need help ? MBAM team : why is SUMo blocked by default ?
  5. Hello, Since a few days, MBAM 4 is unduly flagging SUMo as Trojan.Dropper Please correct. Installer can be found here : https://kcsoftwares.com/files/sumo_lite.exe Kyle
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