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  1. Awesome, you rock worked....on a side note, but related, look at all of the detections in my screenshot...my poor laptop is always being attacked haha.
  2. I have a license for Malwarebytes and have been using it for some time, but the program won't allow real-time web protection. It just sits shows "starting" but never starts. I have rebooted, cleared cache files, ran update....nothing allows it to run real-time web protection.
  3. Ah, okies. Appreciate the information. I don't want to seem like a Malwarebytes fanboy, but it's definitely better to keep it turned on, let me explain. Malwarebytes is the only thing that stops all malware via the web. Windows Defender is good catching files on a computer hard-drive itself and Virustotal is excellent for scanning files under 170 megabytes in size, but if I don't have Malwarebytes web protection turned on my computer becomes an excellent way for me to demonstrate just how risky the web is to people who don't believe me. 1. Turn off Maywarebytes 2. Visit a few w
  4. I have been trying to figure out why all 3 of my browsers says "please disable adblock" and I finally narrowed it down to Malwarebytes after a long time trying to figure it out. I don't want to disable Malwarebytes, that is asking for disaster, in less than an hour I guarantee that I will have a trojan/malware/ransomware/virus/exploit active of my system. Is there a way to allow them to show to get around not being able to access websites? The problem is, at least for me, so many websites use url forwarders and shortlinks and Malwarebytens flags lots of these. Those url forwarders and shortlin
  5. Does Malwarebytes Premium detect Wannacry? I am a paying customer, and I keep seeing Wannacry being talked about, but I am not familiar with these sort of thimgs...
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