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  1. Unfortunately, despite following all of the steps you have suggested, I am still having the same problem, only the redirect path has changed. Most recently I was redirected from Yahoo to https://volumtrk3.solidcpm.com/296488347.js?pubid=rightmedia&domain=www.yahoo.com&t=AAJZXUVHcHJ1b3cBAl1JX1FueXVudAQGQEhCU3J%2Bf3NxFHY6 Which attempted to redirect me elsewhere but this redirect failed and I ended up at Google so I imagine the URL it was trying to redirect me to had expired.
  2. The redirect does not only happen with Google Chrome. It happens with Mozilla Firefox as well, and another individual with the same problem has reported it happening with Safari. When this issue first began, I only had Google Chrome, and a very old version of MS Internet Explorer which I never used as it was too old to use. After the redirects began, I had downloaded Mozilla Firefox, and deleted Google Chrome. The redirects continued to occur and because a different browser didn't solve the issue, and Firefox does not run well on my system, I re-installed Google Chrome. Under your direction I then deleted Google Chrome and everything associated with Google from my system and was using Firefox exclusively. After a while of that, I eventually did a clean install of Google Chrome again. I get the problem on both Firefox and Chrome, and on both very old versions I have backups of and new versions downloaded directly from the Mozilla and Google Chrome websites.
  3. Attached is a pdf with a screenshot of all of my Google Chrome settings. They are all factory default with the exception of the "send do not track request". I have no exceptions to any of the setting and the plugins are all factory plugins and they are as follows... Widevine Content Decryption Module - Version: Enables Widevine licenses for playback of HTML audio/video content. (version: Name:Widevine Content Decryption Module Description:Enables Widevine licenses for playback of HTML audio/video content. (version: Version: Chrome PDF Viewer (2 files) Name: Chrome PDF Viewer Version: Location: chrome-extension://mhjfbmdgcfjbbpaeojofohoefgiehjai/ Type: BROWSER PLUGIN Disable MIME types: MIME type Description File extensions application/pdf .pdf Name: Chrome PDF Viewer Native Client Name: Native Client Version: Location: C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\49.0.2623.112\internal-nacl-plugin Type: PPAPI (in-process) Disable MIME types: MIME type Description File extensions application/x-nacl Native Client Executable . application/x-pnacl Portable Native Client Executable . Disable Always allowed to run Adobe Flash Player - Version: Shockwave Flash 21.0 r0 Name: Shockwave Flash Description: Shockwave Flash 21.0 r0 Version: Location: C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\49.0.2623.112\PepperFlash\pepflashplayer.dll Type: PPAPI (out-of-process) Disable MIME types: MIME type Description File extensions application/x-shockwave-flash Shockwave Flash .swf application/futuresplash FutureSplash Player .spl Disable Always allowed to run Firefox was always factory default settings. The "Internet" settings in the Windows control panel seems to be exclusively for MS Internet Explorer. chrome_settings.pdf
  4. I don't have anything synced. The version of chrome I just installed is many years old and does not have a sync option, and my Google account is not synced to anything or monitoring my web activity in any way. I rarely even sign into it.
  5. Hello: I had completely uninstalled all things Google and after a while of using Firefox which doesn't run well on my computer, I eventually reinstalled Google Chrome from an older version I had backed up a few years ago. It was a fresh install this time, but I'm still having the same problem. I ran Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool and it came back completely negative.
  6. I would like to proceed. Everything Google is gone and I have ran the Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit program already. It didn't find anything.
  7. I removed everything associated with Google that I could. just received a new redirect on the new Firefox install. https://adsbg.mediamonetizer.com/2042707559.js?pubid=6552283&domain=http%3A%2F%2Fyahoo.com%2Fforums%2Fsearch.php%3Fsearch_id%3Dnewposts&t=AAJZXUVHcHJ1b3cBAl1JX19ueHVudAQGQEhNU3N4f3FyFGc6 To.... http://clicktrackcarsfast.com/index40A.php?eps=g4OqLyM-43ZKhsF_EuGcVeCEQKD7_R5L8sIXcmkWaSwiSBuy52j0z65Rl2L2mp3l1t4byhaJoX5nkTbW-XACLg,,&F=*&G=&H=0.03 To... http://error-pc-errorl8.stream/guest/?a=AZ&pagex=13&s1=g4OqLyM-43ZKhsF_EuGcVeCEQKD7_R5L8sIXcmkWaSwiSBuy52j0z65Rl2L2mp3l1t4byhaJoX5nkTbW-XACLg%2C%2C&os=Windows&browser=Firefox&isp=Time Warner Cable Internet Llc&ip= To... http://server1.mstfdqrk1.com/?a=AZ&pagex=13&s1=g4OqLyM-43ZKhsF_EuGcVeCEQKD7_R5L8sIXcmkWaSwiSBuy52j0z65Rl2L2mp3l1t4byhaJoX5nkTbW-XACLg%2C%2C&os=Windows&browser=Firefox&isp=Time Warner Cable Internet Llc&ip= I don't think the source is the browser being it has happened on both Chrome and a new version of Firefox on my computer and Safari on someone else's computer.... Attached are the requested files... FRST.txt Addition.txt
  8. Hi: Sorry for the delay. I've experienced the redirect again, this time with the newer version of Firefox, only it no longer ends at a fake time warner survey, but at... http://www.digitalprivacyalert.org/land/614/614-tracked.html?ept2=47e12388-4eeb-414d-8efc-6c72f719b69e Where I am being asked to click to disable tracking. I don't use Norton. It's been disabled for a while because it caused me more problems than it solved. I have an old version of Google Earth that doesn't force install Google Chrome. Given that, and being that this problem is also occurring with Firefox, and has been reported to occur with other browsers, should I still proceed to delete Google Earth and Picasa?
  9. Ron: I agree with you about Chrome being tick like...unfortunately I didn't discover this until trying to uninstall it. It does run better on my system than Firefox and IE though, so it was less hassle when in use. I'm positive I don't have anything synced to my Google accounts. I have double checked this to be certain. I do have Google Earth but I don't see any references to Chrome in the remaining Google folders. Just to Google Earth.
  10. I didn't have it synced or associated with any accounts. It was just stand alone. Supposedly it saves a profile somewhere on the computer but I haven't found it.
  11. As of yet, it has only occurred in Google Chrome, however I used Google Chrome exclusively until a few days ago. After the last redirect while using it, I uninstalled it and have been using the new Mozilla Firefox which I just installed the other day, so I've not been using it long enough to determine if it happens with Firefox as well. I uninstalled Google Chrome using the add/remove programs in the Windows console, but this does not seem to actually completely deleted it from my system, as the last time I uninstalled it and re-installed using the original install file I had on backup (my system does not support the most recent version of Chrome), I noticed it merely revived the previously uninstalled one. Is there an easy way to wipe all traces of Google Chrome from my system?
  12. Here are the new scan logs. The three "threats" Malwarebytes 3 found are false positives. Those are old files I downloaded years ago. mbamScan.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  13. I just experienced the original redirect again. This time I was idling on a Chicago Tribune news story. I was afk and when I came back, the second I moved the mouse without clicking anything, I received the following redirect... https://verosmedia.com/verosad/938200120.js?pubid=20&domain=146477807603728&t=AAJZXUVHcHJ1b3cBAl1JX19ufmpzdgUAV1FPXHdwcHhmZHo%3D To.... https://pub.maha-media.com/nlp/index.php?guid=a3645e25-e40a-45c1-92fe-d681cb8a2904&Hardlink=true&time=0&currenturl={subid}swix.com&url=http://engine.spotscenered.info/link.engine To... http://engine.spotscenered.info/Redirect.eng?MediaSegmentId=30262&dcid=1_ctx_257028f9-c81f-4e70-97e3-b376938b3684&vmId=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000&abr=false&timeZoneOffset=&v=hXPZuKMawgsqqaXmgsiEEscqvxeFp0YWn8oV21lbHO8iCvpmH9sk2fSprt3x5A_b-2hEatyK0i4Deb-rUYJDFrdTFYwunJKu09ZEHLHzJxZVXbejoDo8iaYVhEeoJfxmLsYuWMM8FrdrJIirVKzXk16lEXzP9HOgt66Ss7EbTNNUQfeOWR6JrG_B3izNFz-Ag6dLiVykxXaU7YezKEHmbMomyFWy6BA1ywFyMjsz4bBynX8ujiJZeihu_Z2c2TCxHMxzYvH36UpErHmXpr052n8A2UaIZO9XUZ5OTJNLs79mUY-q4Ws0lLyTuXVy21orv41VF1fCoi95kFRr2Ucr97mCZdtlXzGYZy3wWZJLL0r3j1NiiMOAVzWH89ndhjhos-RN9DzwMBbjs3Gp43R8bLfsM1EFFmyokpkHqc7qO4WADUwd7jpOoR4ydrkCnAfFJNadYiJr2YsxX5B3aDIj-88hEFRIM2fHFBXEo2ITIYQhQfJMcRNklt9YElgGZ9R1PGr1BVCRfuMWRWi8jXVux9Ry-IkK91NhUvUz8OuyttrR7YbGVgZKufJ4DkaKCpa2CLOSU5IHbXXnWag2-4U9mg19lEpr_JwMx3n67k7fOCtTjoT8M5Bdcci2Rhx2Wp_5PN_wg6xQefc5eP8j9p5Jx3ScTJZbvxWVneTMO5mQvRsfVRxhxxI2vl2CSu6pfbg0Ayc0B7gn8MQFui_qhan395TofTVswpvhsmpYpY2XpAso_FxloctwmYjnrm6qxsTAjmNYWiEDPLyPNeVjwSuaMzL7Rfj-QfTsGw3fXcE5LtzK1vOJDqgHY0_a0HC081c2NZX7EF0ptSzjW5yt5LxZrim9vUHELxo5CHm5Bc6ep211OaXxaA1tpT6WeFEiSO_Xi6_wViEYqC8MyVhK8wxB8WTEWD2H7FpT9wfmQlrVLAXnBl1AMD7fMydODFeAZ0PfBLeAlNU1kmRRfoJ79HyoNl_RsvfC6A51ytb3nSZeqKeATlQEuF7bTQ1bSVqasiQ-iqfSr1_u5iRMwK0Uo0vp5XExqPEVF7zPHinJ9n8Xg3lOWURJ0duH50-8LIXuPN9usNca7rwlsL7XohqS1TKVmZzjFcvqExANCuW_f-2fQ9cv-bycUEDZJiT4MZ49CiJoo-dFYNxjFBhDLMlqosLavv9hbuY-YaCFjwTY4tSIx47bMVt2dhkhg-sISrEaOOGJ0 To... http://www.grimsurveys.com/?sid=isp.opt.3a6x&ow=us.ao96ho9gbr467d49.2col.nojs.lux.fb&isp=Time Warner Cable Internet Llc&browser=Chrome&os=Windows&region=California&city=Los Angeles&ip= States&device=DESKTOP&brand=Desktop&model=Desktop&country=US&track=t.pinksurveys.com&tid=0ba6f51c-279d-4a68-82c0-dc5e8b9e9e67&caid=3fc624b7-4074-4b7f-aa2a-a68cbc6a0c97&did=5269&voluumdata=BASE64dmlkLi4wMDAwMDAwMC1kYmNmLTRmNDQtODAwMC0wMDAwMDAwMDAwMDBfX3ZwaWQuLmM1YWQ4ODAwLTQ5NjgtMTFlNy04MjkyLWM0ZjE3NGYwOTZjYV9fY2FpZC4uM2ZjNjI0YjctNDA3NC00YjdmLWFhMmEtYTY4Y2JjNmEwYzk3X19ydC4uSF9fbGlkLi4zMmU3NTA2OC0yY2IzLTQyMDgtYjAxZi1kMzUxMzllZTcyMjRfX29pZDEuLmYyNDJmYjA4LTk5ZjktNGI5NS1hNjliLTQ4MDhmZjgxMTY5OV9fb2lkMi4uY2Y5MjAxZGItZjJmMS00YTFhLWFkMjgtZGViZWU1YjZkNjEwX19vaWQzLi4xOWJlOGU5My1jNmJhLTQzYWEtODNjZS1kNjFmOGE3MTdkMGVfX29pZDQuLmQyODdjZmVlLWNkOTMtNGQ0Ny05MzJlLWJjZWIzZmViMmM1NV9fb2lkNS4uMWJjZGUxMjQtMTBhZC00YTA0LThhYTktNTE3OTQ3ZjNiM2FlX19vaWQ2Li4yNWVjNTIwYi02NzZhLTRjZDgtYTRkYy0yODczYzAzMjIyMDlfX29pZDcuLjY0MjMwZWNjLWMxNGItNDAxMi05MjcyLTA3NjI1ODNmNWZkMF9fb2lkOC4uZTQ1YjE2MzItYzcwZS00ZWNiLThjMTQtYjBiYzU2MTgzOGExX19vaWQ5Li43MDY2NjYxMi0xNzVkLTRmNWMtYWVkNC05MWIzMWU5YjdhODhfX29pZDEwLi40YWI1OTkyNy0yZTk4LTQwMjAtOTQ4Yi1lMjc0ZmE3YTZkYzdfX29pZDExLi4xNTJlMGRiOS01M2QzLTQ1OTAtOGUyYi0yYzQ3YmQ1Njc2MmRfX29pZDEyLi5mODJmZDBhOS1jNDNmLTRmNjktODAzNC0yM2ZkY2QyMmVmMTlfX29pZDEzLi4zOGQxZjQzOS0wYTQ0LTQzMGUtYjQ0ZC1lNmY1ZmIyMzk0NmVfX3ZhcjEuLjUyNjlfX3ZhcjIuLjEzMDMxX192YXIzLi40NTQxNF9fdmFyNC4uVVNfX3ZhcjUuLk1hcmluYSBkZWwgUmV5X192YXI2Li5DaHJvbWVfX3JkLi5lbmdpbmVcLlxzcG90c2NlbmVyZWRcLlxpbmZvX19haWQuLl9fYWIuLl9fc2lkLi5fX2NyaS4uX19wdWIuLl9fZGlkLi5fX2RpdC4uX19waWQuLl9faXQuLl9fdnQuLjE0OTY2MTM0Mzk4ODI&c1=5269&c2=13031&c3=45414&c4=US&c5=Marina del Rey&c6=Chrome You can see the only real difference is I am now being sent to www.grimsurveys.com instead of www.kewsurveys.com
  14. In my case, I haven't downloaded any 3rd party software, perhaps with the exception where the anti-malware programs listed above could only be obtained by 3rd parties. I hadn't downloaded anything except the occasional pdf before this problem began and what downloads automatically during the course of normal web browsing. On the latter point, my browsing is generally limited to commercial and academic oriented websites and if I come across a site which I think might be of questionable integrity, I use Google Cache to view it or view it through a VPN.
  15. New development. When I opened up Chrome today, it appears that I was directed to http://www.nextlnk12.com/?tp=iw&cid=5963&v=27&gnum=6&clickid=00170296p049989804414&cachecode=3vwpM4eW0elg0b4mfZCHQA&preload=pre2&ctag=58952514 Which directed me to http://private.njoyapps.com/wim/lp/lp27/index_45.php Which advises me to click on their website to turn off tracking... I happened to have Chrome's Developer Tool's Networking tab open at the time. Should I post anything from that? And should I still only run Malwarebytes again or any additional things? Concerning the browsers, before this problem, I had only Google Chrome and MS Internet Explorer installed. Chrome is the only browser I have used for a number of years and the Internet Explorer is very old and I don't recall ever using it except to download Chrome years ago. I recently installed Firefox after this issue began and have unistalled and re-installed Chrome...though it appears Chrome didn't actually completely uninstall because when I reinstalled it, it was identical to the old setup.
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