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  1. It is my home computer but I am self employed in financial services. I have no IT department. I know nothing about what "moving topics" is or how to do it. I do know that when I remove MB my computer boots smoothly. The image currently on my machine that todays log came from is from a couple of weeks ago when things including MB, seemed, other than terrible slow booting to be running fine.
  2. Porthos I have run the scan and have the two files. Thanks for your help. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. This thread may be on to something as regards my months long grief with 3.0. 5 or 6 clean reinstalls as instructed by the automated support responses has not fixed this. Grief = realtime protection randomly turning itself off every couple of days and worst of all reboots take forever (20+ minutes). Upon reboot my W7 XPS lappy will load the desktop fairly quick but acts frozen for the next 15 to 20 min until something finishes doing whatever it's doing and a browser will load. I've run MBpro for years and never had this problem before 3.0. With MBpro uninstalled boot time from restart to happy is less than 2 min. Clearly it is not playing well with others and is fighting with something. I uninstalled Kaspersky to see if that was the problem, Nope. Same forever boot with MB installed. Windows Defender may well be its opponent I don't know. Setting exclusions in Defender sounds interesting but I cannot figure that out. Defender doesn't refer to nor offer a place to put exclusions, it's just some files in a folder. I know just enough about all this to be dangerous. Thank goodness for my Acronis rescue boot disk and full image backups as I have bricked my machine more than once trying to figure this crap out lol. I shouldn't have to be a computer software engineer to get MB to run smoothly. Maybe some of you agree. I'm tempted to figure out how to disable Defender but I think I'll not do that. For now I will not reinstall MBpro until I get word of a definitive fix. Thanks for taking the time to read my not exactly a rant rookie post.
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