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  1. I have both K7 and Malwarebytes antimalware installed on my pc. But the realtime protection of malwarebytes is not upto the mark. I have turned off K7 and checked it also by using some old hack tools . The moment I try to open the hack tool K7 immediately reports it as virus and removes it. But when K7 is turned off malwarebytes doesn't even respond to it and after scanning the file it reports it as safe So my question is whether malwarebytes is just a simple tool capable of removing adware and other related browser hijacking tool OR Whether it is a complete antivirus with active real tim
  2. Surprisingly Malwarebytes does not answer EICAR TEST. Why is it so. Is it inefficient
  3. I now have a premium license. In it on the id and key are displayed and expiration status is written a "never" So If i migrate malwarebytes to my new pc. how can I transfer my lifetime license
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