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  1. i see.. thanks ron... i scan with mbam... looks good also.. nothing to find.. i guess my notebook save.. or i might didnt use the same connection like i use to.. anyway thank you very much ron for helping me.. so glad being a premium user... cheers
  2. i hope all i did from what you asked are correct... unfortunately i cant use the same network like i use to because the isp allready turn off my connection.. anyway here are the result... let me know if something weird from here ron... thanks a bunch MTB.txt DriversGeneral.txt DriversSigned.txt
  3. Nice... thank you ron. I will do it as soon as i finish my work.. do i need to connect my notebook to that network or no need? once again thanks.
  4. Do u think, they can remote all gadget that connect to this network? I have no idea about this thing. Im just a regular basis person using wifi and do some normal stuff... why would they want to remote all my gadget... and also im waiting for apple to give me some conclusions also.. would you help me ron.. what should i do next?
  5. Why would they want to remote my personal notebook? is there a way i could close this network? and how they enter or remote my notebook and since when? as i expected. Monitoring me..
  6. hello there here are the txt and kaspersky scan are clean.. no virus actually i just wanna make sure... did someone monitoring me or not... this notebook... barely no virus... but always acting strange to me... its not an usual to me... and also for my win 7 fresh clean ,, also prblem with dns.. .. well i might focus on notebook... thank you very much sir.. netcfg-1236359.txt netcfg-67942328.txt netcfg-245330125.txt netcfg-529071062.txt
  7. If u dont mind. I just install a fresh clean win 7 on my pc... and i found this.... could u tell me what is this... i got a screen shoot...
  8. i still download all those file... just in case its a false scan... or something... i will attached the result: i scan with virustotal for adwcleaner frst, sophos, farba and all of it contain virus... samething with mbam.... result for sophos scan is clean.. no virus at all FRST.txt Addition.txt AdwCleaner[C0].txt JRT.txt
  9. I will be available at 4pm to 12 pm +7gmt. Hope we could fix this with the same time ... thank you very much sir.
  10. I'm so sorry for late reply on this topic.. I already sign out my old isp. And also format my pic to new again from win 10 to 7. But I still got a notebook vaio with the same symptoms or might be more worse... I suspect someone monitoring me... I hope not.... do you mind to help me on this machine...
  11. Sure. I can try again. But my pc allready format to win 7.... and also my notebook has the same symptoms. Can i try my notebook to do your task list....
  12. Is this what happens to me? https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/malware-uses-router-leds-to-steal-data-from-secure-networks/
  13. Hello there... no problem bro... i allready reset the modem but it comming back like as they want.... my network still bad. And now i try to use a portable wifi and also got hacked.... ???.. could you tell me jn private msg what going on my network / pc.. even all my phone and gadget also sucks.... ???
  14. Im so sorry i cant wait for your further instruction... i just format my pc and change my wifi pass. After that i try to downlod mbam premium again. When i scan with virustotal detect trojan ... what should i do?
  15. and i think my mbam premium doesnt work as ussual...
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