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  1. 1PW, Thank you for your advice and quick reply. I followed your instructions and used the MB-Clean to wipe and install MB3 v3.1.2.1733. I'm very glad to say that it worked! I can have the protection of MB3 and use Microsoft Word at the same time again. I would recommend this to anyone else who is experience this same frustrating issue. Thank you again 1PW!
  2. I'm currently using windows 10 home edition version 1703, build 150663.296, with a 64 bit operating system malwarebytes version:, component package version: 1.0.103, update package version: 1.0.2030. Microsoft office 356 proplus version 1704 (build 8067.2115) Every time I try and copy text or anything from Microsoft word and paste it into another program, Microsoft word freezes, and nothing is pasted where it needs to go. I recently discovered there is a known issue with malwarebytes interfering with Microsoft word. After learning about other people having this freezing issue while using Microsoft word, I closed malwarebytes and my Microsoft word worked perfectly. There must be a fix for this because I have used malwarebytes with Microsoft word for years without any issue. I constantly need to use Microsoft word, and I want the protection malwarebytes provides. Since I need Microsoft word, malwarebytes is not open when I'm using Microsoft word. However, since I pay to use malwarebytes, this is unacceptable. If there is anyone who knows a fix for this, it would be great if you can share it. Thank you in advance!
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