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  1. Just disabled ghostery...and Malwarebytes then blocked ghostery.com. Tried accessing a major news website on another computer, same ad servers blocked. Definitely appears to be something on the MWB end.
  2. I'm loading pages fine, but starting at 4:42 PST I've been getting blocked domains for doubleclick.net, optimizely, etc. These are places I think I would normally be blocking with Ghostery. I'm wondering if Ghostery updated itself and it's setting off Malwarebytes?
  3. Seems fixed now, thank you. My automatic updater said no updates were available, but was v 3.06. It was actually a little hard to find the download; if you go to MalwareBytes.com. you only see two buttons, for a free trial or to buy, no button for existing customers.
  4. Any word on this? I've been showing the same file as a detection since April (and it was clean on previous rootkit scans), but the file has not been modified for well over a year.
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