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  1. Hi, when putting in in a browser the page just times out. I tried it on one that does show up ok and it mentions about opening a app.
  2. File attached, we have managed to get PCs that aren't on the domain showing now by using the installation package, this didn't work on those machines on the domain. MBMC_Diagnosis_Info_2017_06_14_091431.zip
  3. Hi @djacobson our IT person who dealt with the server is back from holiday he says he hasn't changed it to TLS. We do have a larger number of our machines now showing online and only about 10 pcs that are definitely on but showing as off-line. 1 is the PC that all the logs came from. Is there anything left to try on it? Thanks
  4. hi @djacobson apologies about the delay, the person who did work on our routers is on Holiday so spoke to his colleague, he is pretty sure that SSL was disabled for TLS. unfortunately until he is back (Monday) I won't know for definite. They were doing some stuff on there with regards to geo-location and blocking attempted access from certain countries, could that have something to do with it?
  5. Hi @djacobson File attached, wonder if people who set up the server have activated something to stop the communication MBMC_Diagnosis_Info_2017_06_02_084633.zip
  6. Hi @djacobson thanks for the help, I have a feeling that it may be something the IT people we use have setup. attached are the files MBMC_Client_Diagnosis_Info_2017_05_30_100156.zip CheckResults.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  7. Hi on about half our PCs where we have done the client push install we get the message 'Installed successfully, but registration failed. Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password' so the PCs aren't showing correctly in the management console. We have added the appropriate files to be excluded on our anti-virus. Wondering if this is anything in particular that has been done incorrectly? Thanks
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