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  1. On jeu. 1 juin 2017 at 3:24 AM, AdvancedSetup said:

    Thank you for your understanding. If you're here to help out and not just here to pass the time and would like your Avatar changed you can send me a PM and I'll look at changing it for you.

    BTW L Thank you very much AdvancedSetup !!! :D and, I reiterate : I willingly submit myself into understanding.your arguments...

    Best regards


  2. Hi Hydruis and... WELCOME ! :D

    Forgive me those who find this thread of no value but I have to reply to Hydruis by respect and because he asked me to.

    I have to set the record strait here :

    For a start, I have to stress that this is not my first forum (I am not a forum newbe here). I must have been through about more than a dozen forums in my life (62yo) and all of the forums I have been through, allow new users to set an avatar from the get go; so to explain my unease caused by the current situation.

    7 hours ago, Hydruis said:

    you don't call others on this thread "unfriendly" or play the "discrimination" card on them but you choose to pick on the one that comes up with a fair suggestion

    7 hours ago, Hydruis said:

    how can making a suggestion be unfriendly when is hasn't even been implemented/ tested. :blink:

    Like politicians do ;), I have to say that I have been misunderstood :( and/or have been quoted out of context  :( : I haven't accused anybody (you in this instance) of being "unfriendly" ! and neither your suggestion of being so. What I meant is that I found a forum setting a post quota (any) to allow setting an avatar somewhat... "unfriendly". You were not targeted by the qualifier and accept my apologies if you felt targeted.

    7 hours ago, Hydruis said:

    they don't allow for spam prevention and are working on ways to resolve this. It makes perfect sense

    It might not be obvious to you but... I ACKed the explanation in post 20 : 

    8 hours ago, iBenny said:

    I REALLY understand ...


    7 hours ago, Hydruis said:

    I am sure Malwarebytes has more than enough bandwidth/server storage to allow avatar and profile bios

    I'm sure too ! This is a rhetoric figure of style to dilute the harshness of my... "unfriendly" accusation (WOW ! I made a double pronged sentence :P) by creating a misdirection with an easily refutable assertion.

    7 hours ago, Hydruis said:

    I thought the point need to be made I am not and will not let someone walk over my grave.

    GOOD for you :D ! Men of principles have more favor in my eyes !

    7 hours ago, Hydruis said:

    (P.S writing in capitals and bold letters with colours really doesn't help portray your opinion in a friendly manner)

    This may come across as a personal assault it is my duty to correct you on this point it's nothing personal 

    I know ! and am aware that... UNFORTUNATELY... this is  interpreted as such by many ! and I STRONGLY object to that interpretation for I do use those capitals/color enhancements not to... scream or be arrogant as they proclaim but as, like I said, enhancements to stress content and pinpoint contents and make linkings (color). C'm on man !!! being upset by... colors !!!??? I friendlily invite you to reconsider your... perceptions of the world ! You would greatly benefit from it and be happier doing so ! With respect...

    Learn to trust your feelings and sense the spirit ! NOT. the form...

    I will not apologize on this one for I too, will not let anyone walk over my... humm ? my... ? my principles :) No offense ;) ! And don't worry Hydrius, I don't feel  that your intervention is unfriendly in any way !

    Many thanks Hydruis for joining the discussion !

    Best regards





  3. On mer. 31 mai 2017 at 11:33 AM, Porthos said:

    I don't think it is wrong to require a certain level of meaningful posts to use any of the forum customizations.

    Thank you...

    On jeu. 1 juin 2017 at 3:24 AM, AdvancedSetup said:

    Thank you for your understanding. If you're here to help out and not just here to pass the time and would like your Avatar changed you can send me a PM and I'll look at changing it for you.

    I REALLY understand and... this post have been extracted (by an admin I guess, NOT me) and isolated from a genuine help thread here and yes, I'll send you a PM to do so.

    Many thanks


  4. 17 hours ago, Hydruis said:

    could you set a post count limit to edit profile and avatar of like 25 posts

    Well, I find this (any) restriction quite... unfriendly ! I don't see ANY reasons for such limitations. Is it to save space on malwarebytes,com server HD ? or to differentiate (discriminate) newcomers from regular users ? The latter IS unjustifiable, and the former... really ?


  5. 1 hour ago, exile360 said:

    Additionally, while the ransomware itself is certainly a factor, the primary means of distribution for this ransomware (and the vast majority of malware in general these days, including ransomware) was an exploit, which our Anti-Exploit protection (included in Malwarebytes 3 as well as offered in a free standalone beta) shielded users against on day-0 at hour-0 meaning we had it covered/our users were immune to the attack without the need for any updates (our anti-exploit technology uses behavior, not signatures to detect and stop exploit based attacks).

    FAN-TAS-TIC ! I'll have a look at it ...

    BTW: "...a free standalone" for... 14 days !?

    Many thanks


    PS : how do we set our avatar here ?

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